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Using pendulums for divination is a technique that is over two hundred years old. It is used to better understand your intuition, and to speak with your subconscious mind. In this article, you will learn how you yourself can use pendulums for divination.


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    Buy or make a pendulum. You might want to buy commercial pendulums, but it is very easy to make a pendulum. You can make a pendulum out of a paperclip, a ring, or a washer. The string or chain should be about 4–5 inches (10.2–12.7 cm), depending on the person.
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    Get into a proper position. You may stand, but it is easier to sit. Unfold your arms and legs, and rest your elbow on the table. Sit up straight, and get into a calm state. You may meditate if you like.
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    Ask it to show you a Yes. Once you are into a proper position, ask it "Show me a Yes, please." Wait patiently. It might take a few seconds, or five minutes. It will begin to swing in a direction, whether it be in a circle or from side to side. This is your yes.
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    Repeat the same thing for no.
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    Begin to ask it simple questions that you know the answer to. This includes questions like "Is my name..." or "Am I am Female?" If your name is that, then the pendulum will swing in a yes direction. Same if you were a female.
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    You are now ready to use your pendulum for divination. Ask it simple questions at first. As you become more advanced, you can begin to ask it personal questions. Some questions that you might consider asking are: Should I work at this job, Is it time to move, Will it rain tomorrow, etc.


  • Crystal pendulums are used to heal chakras.
  • If buying a pendulum, choose from intuition. Even though the pendulum is used so you can understand your intuition, you will have some sense of direction on what pendulum you should buy.
  • Some people use pendulum boards to help answer yes/no questions


  • Do not let the pendulum control your life. Intuition comes naturally for every person, so you do not need the pendulum all the time. In fact, sometimes logic will beat intuition. The pendulum is not always right, and one simple mistake could end up effecting your life.

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