How to Use Brow Potion to Grow Eyebrows

Three Parts:Choosing a Brow PotionApplying Brow PotionUsing Other Methods to Grow Your Eyebrows

Whether you've over-plucked, have sparse brows, had an accident with a razor, or just envy the bushy-brow look of the moment, you're looking for one thing: to make your eyebrows grow, and grow fast. Eyebrow serums and potions have been known to help increase growth, often while conditioning and strengthening the hairs. This article will help you choose an eyebrow potion and teach you to apply it safely.

Part 1
Choosing a Brow Potion

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    Look for over the counter brow potions that contain peptides, biotin, or minoxidil. These are all ingredients that are proven to strengthen, condition, and thicken your hair, and can make the anagen (or growth phase) of your eyebrow hair follicles last longer.[1]
    • Copper peptides are present in our bodies in small amounts. They are amino acids that assist in cell repair and can strengthen and increase the size of your hair follicles.[2]
    • Biotin is a B vitamin that is thought to strengthen and enhance hair growth.[3]
    • Minoxidil is found in many popular hair growth creams.
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    Ask your doctor for a prescription hair growth serum. If you have serious hair loss or your brows are patchy and won't grow, your doctor may be able to write you a prescription. The hormones in these serums extend the active growth phase of your hair follicles, so your hair will constantly be growing, and often growing thicker and longer.[4]
    • When you stop using these products, the follicles will enter a "resting" phase and the hair may all fall out at once. They will grow back, but not at the same rate or length as when you are using the potion.[5]
    • Side effects of prescription brow potions include dry, discolored, or darkened skin in the area where the potion was applied.[6]
    • Prescription hair growth products can be expensive, and it is unlikely your insurance will cover the cost.
    • Some eyelash growth serums, though not yet approved by the FDA for use on eyebrows, have been effective. Talk to your doctor about these products and use caution when applying to your eyebrows.[7]
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    Make your own DIY brow potion. Many over the counter brow serums use common kitchen ingredients.[8] Save money by whipping up your own brow potion at home.
    • Combine equal parts castor oil and coconut oil in a small container. Coconut oil is often solid at room temperature so you may want to microwave it for 2 seconds.[9]
    • Castor oil can unclog hair follicles that may be stunted by the clog. It also thickens hair and is supposed to make hair grow faster.[10]
    • Coconut oil conditions and lengthens hair, giving your brows a fuller look even if there is no new growth from other hair follicles.[11]

Part 2
Applying Brow Potion

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    Do a patch skin test to make sure you are not allergic to any of the ingredients. Before using a new product, you should always do a patch test. Dab a small amount of the potion onto your eyebrow (or somewhere more hidden but with equally delicate skin, like the side of your neck). Follow the instructions (either leave it on or wash it off, depending on the potion) and wait 24 hours.
    • If you show no reaction, go ahead and use the brow potion on your eyebrows.
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    Cleanse and dry your face. Use a gentle cleanser to wash your face and dab your eyebrows dry with a towel. Brow serums should be applied to dry, makeup-free skin and hair.[12]
    • If you have makeup on your eyebrow (such as pencil or powder), use a makeup remover or olive oil to remove all traces.
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    Dip the brush into the potion and make sure it is well-coated with the product. Some products may have guidelines for how much of the product you should use, so make sure you read the instructions completely before applying.[13]
    • If you are using a brow potion that comes in a pen twist the end of the pen several times until the potion serum begins flowing (you should see it in the bristles of the brush).[14]
    • If you are using a minoxidil-based hair growth serum, apply the directed amount to a cotton swab and use this as your applicator.[15]
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    Vigorously rub or wedge the potion into your eyebrow hair. You really need to work the serum into your hair and skin, so be aggressive with your application. For most potions, you don't want to dab, unless instructed by your doctor or the manufacturer directions.[16]
    • Be extremely careful not to get any potion in your eye. If any comes in contact with your eye, rinse throughly with cool water. If irritation persists, contact your doctor immediately.[17]
    • Don't use more product than instructed by your doctor or the manufacturer directions, hoping your hair will grow faster. It won't, and you may actually damage the skin under your eyebrows.[18]
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    Allow the potion to dry completely. This should only take a few minutes. Once your brows are dry, it's usually fine to apply makeup, but double check the directions for your specific product first.[19]
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    Repeat every day, one to two times a day. Depending on the brow serum, you may have to apply it only once before bed, or once in the morning and once at night. Brow potions only work if you use them continuously, so designate a time to always apply and you should see results in as little as four weeks.[20]
    • Increasing your use will not cause the potion to work faster and may cause damage to your skin.[21]
    • Allow the brow potion to dry before going to bed, or you risk ruining your pillow cases and possibly getting the potion on other parts of your face.[22]

Part 3
Using Other Methods to Grow Your Eyebrows

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    Massage your eyebrows to improve circulation. Your hair follicles need vitamins, nutrients, and proteins to function properly and build strong hairs. These are delivered through the blood stream, and massaging your eyebrows can stimulate circulation, ensuring your cells get the nourishment they need.[23]
    • Gently massage your eyebrows using the tips of your fingers. Make circular motions along the length of your brow bone.[24]
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    Eat a protein and vitamin-rich diet to help your hair grow. Your blood system delivers nutrients to the cells in your hair follicles, but it's up to you to provide your body with those nutrients. A healthy, balanced diet will keep your hair strong, glossy, and can prevent some types of hair loss.
    • Eat proteins like nuts, chicken, turkey Greek yogurt, and eggs to prevent hair growth from stalling or entering a resting state. Your hair is made from proteins, and can't produce new hair if you aren't providing your body with enough protein.[25]
    • The B vitamin biotin can be found in eggs, almonds, wheat bran, salmon, and avocados. Biotin enhances hair growth and can also make hair grow faster.[26]
    • Dark greens like spinach, kale, and chard contain vitamins A and C. Vitamin deficiencies can cause your hair to fall out.[27]
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    Fake it by using an eyebrow pencil and powder. If you're feeling impatient, you can use makeup to make your brows look fuller or fill in any bald patches. Use a sharp eyebrow pencil and draw "hairs" with light, feathered strokes. Concentrate on holes and sparse areas. Follow this up with a dusting of brow powder, which clings to your existing hair, and your eyebrows will look fuller.[28]
    • Never stray too far from your natural eyebrow color.
    • If you are a brunette or a redhead, look for a pencil that is one shade lighter than your hair.[29]
    • If you are a blonde, look for a pencil that is one shade darker than your hair color.[30]

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