How to Use Cryokinesis to Impress Your Friends

Two Methods:Preparing Your BodyPractice

Cryokinesis is a psychic power to manipulate ice and the cold. If you are very spiritual and believe in cryokinesis, follow these steps and shock your friends with your new developed powers.

Method 1
Preparing Your Body

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    Understand that with great power comes great responsibility. To avoid failure, your body must be trained to "be one with the cold" or in other words, being able to withstand icy cold temperatures. To train yourself to withstand the cold, practice the following:Continue these activities for about one month then you should be ready to begin.
    • Hold ice in your hand for as long as you can (without hurting yourself!) Continue to increase the time you hold it each day.
    • Take cold showers every day.
    • Playing in snow- playing in snow is a fun and easy way to become in tune with the cold.

Method 2

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    Begin practicing now that you are used to the cold and your "vibrations" are somewhat connected to the cold. To start off tell yourself: "I can and am going to use my mind to manipulate the cold." Believing in yourself is a major step in cryokinesis.
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    Create a psi ball to create a psi ball simply Continue this at least 4-5 times a week..
    • Hold your hands in front of you in a shape so a sphere could form in it. (Do not let your fingers touch!)
    • Visualize cold energy flowing into you and out of your hands forming a ball.
    • Push your hands closer and out again to compress it. (You should feel like pushing two magnets together.)
    • Tell the psi ball to give a chill to someone, then release it and ask them if it worked. (Its ok if it doesn't work the first time, practice makes perfect!)

Mastering Cryokinesis

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    Mastering cryokinesis is extremely difficult to do. However, if you have finally reached this point you can do crazy things such as:and much more! However this requires huge amounts of energy and is far more advanced than a simple psi ball. To perform a master cryokinetic skill, you must know that you are ready. (With most people it takes at least 1-2 years of training) When you are ready, you shall have the experience to know how much energy you will need and what it will take.
    • Creating a blizzard
    • Freezing something to the touch
    • Withstand extreme temperatures


  • It helps to have friends training with you, or at the same time.
  • For more effect, try to open your 7 chakras.
  • Try to wear purple or be surrounded by it.
  • Have confidence!
  • Be patient!


  • Don't go flashing cryokinesis around like its normal (People will think you're crazy).
  • Only use this for good!
  • Never use your own energy!

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