How to Use Depilatory Cream

Don't want to wax or shave? Depilatory creams can be an amazing quick fix for unwanted hair, without the nicks or pain shaving and waxing can bring. Keep reading to find out how to use these creams!


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    Find the perfect cream for you. Some creams are too gentle for the types of hair on your body, and sometimes they can be too harsh. Research brands and pick one with reviews that are mostly good.
    • Some popular brands of depilatory creams include Veet and Nair.
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    Buy the cream at the drugstore. Most of them are an average of about $8. They are usually located near the razors and shaving cream.
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    Test the depilatory cream out on the inside of your elbow for a reaction. It's best to wait a few hours to a full day to be certain you won't have a reaction to the cream.
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    Apply the cream to the area of unwanted hair. You may want to use gloves and be sure to wash your hands thoroughly afterwards if you do not use the gloves.
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    Wait the appropriate amount of time suggested by the instructions. Most are around 5 minutes or less.
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    Wipe the cream off with a towel, and rinse the area of skin. Some creams come with a tool for removing the cream and hair from your body, so try using that first, unless you're willing to ruin a towel.
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    Admire the results of the depilatory cream. Go over any spots that the cream may have missed with either more of the cream or a razor.


  • CVS, Walmart, Target, or Walgreens will always have them, and some grocery stores might as well.


  • Some creams can cause burns to the skin, especially if your skin is sensitive.
  • Using a towel to wipe off the depilatory cream can ruin the towel. Be sure to use a towel you don't mind ruining.
  • Be careful not to apply more cream than you need,, and don't leave it on longer than necessary.
  • Get your parent or guardian's permission before using a depilatory cream.

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