How to Use Fuller's Earth to Cure Skin Problems

Fuller's earth is a clay-like material that has many skin and hair remedying properties. It has also recently become a popular beauty ingredient, present in many beauty products and cosmetics. It easily available, cheap and natural and is being preferred by a lot of people over other chemical products. Fuller's earth can be used by anyone and does not have any side-effects. It also has many skin benefits, some of which we will discuss below.


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    Know its properties. Fuller's earth is known for its oil absorbing properties. It can be used to treat oily skin and prevent break outs. Fuller's earth can help remove acne, burn and any other scar marks to a great extent.
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    Make an oil absorbing skin mask. Take some finely powdered fuller's earth. Add rose water and sandalwood power if you happen to have some. Mix into paste and apply over the face.Leave it on for 10 minutes till it dries. The fuller’s earth will absorb all the oil from your face and give you clean, matte skin. Fuller's earth will additionally help tighten your skin thus, preventing the formation of fine lines and wrinkles.
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    Make a skin renewal mask. Fuller's earth can help remove acne, burn and any other scar marks to a great extent. Mix some finely ground fuller's earth with olive oil and carrot pulp. Apply on face and wait till it dries. Use this face pack twice a week to make all your scars disappear.
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    Use fuller's earth to treat dandruff. Fuller's earth has the capacity to absorb the oil, grease and dirt that are causing the dandruff. Application of fuller's earth also increases blood circulation, thereby facilitating hear growth. Mix some orange peel powder with fuller's earth. Apply to the scalp. Massage for few minutes and wash off
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    Treat split ends.Massage your head with olive oil and leave it like that for 2 hours.Then wrap your hair in a warm towel to let your hair soak the oil. Once that is done, wash your hair with a mixture of fuller's earth and milk. Wash again, in the morning with mild shampoo.
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    Use fuller's earth to cool off and treat those sunburns. On a hot summer's day, we are all looking for some respite. Mix some fuller's earth in water or rose water. Apply the paste all over the body, or wherever you like. Leave it on for 5 minutes or continue to massage your skin. Wash off. Doing this will have a very soothing effect on your skin and body
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    Soothe the irritation and pain with fuller's earth. Insect bites can be rather nasty and even painful at times. Simply mix fuller's earth in water and apply over infected area. The mark, itching and/or pain will all be soothed in a few minutes.
    • The same mixture of fuller's earth in water, when applied to skin affected with eczema reduces it to nothing almost immediately!
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    Revitalize your skin. When you've enjoyed too much sun and your skin looks dull, fuller's earth is possibly the only thing that will come to your rescue. Mix fuller's earth with some tomato juice. Apply over tanned skin and wait for it to dry. Scrub a little while washing off. You'll wonder if the tan was just a figment of your imagination.
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    Treat a nappy rash with fuller's earth powder. Just sprinkle a little finely powdered fuller's earth over the rash. You'll notice in a few minutes that the rash has come down.
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    Enjoy fuller's earth oil absorbing properties as a dry shampoo. Take a little fuller's earth and rub it in your scalp as you would do with talc.
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    Use it for cracked heels. If you lead an active lifestyle then it becomes impossible to function in this painful condition. Using a cream containing fuller's earth or cream based fuller’s earth, can soothe the pain and heal the cracks faster than any other product you’ve tried.

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