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How to Use Orgonite/Orgone

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Orgone energy was first characterized by Dr. Wilhelm Reich in the 20th century. This energy, however, has been known for millennia by cultures all across the world by different names, such as chi, prana, universal life force, etc. Orgone energy, harnessed in the proper way, has the potential to transform your life spiritually, physically, mentally, and emotionally so that you can express who you are and who you were meant to be.


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    Meditate with an orgonite pyramid in your hand, direct your attention toward it-feel and sense the energy emanating from it. The important thing is not to try to see it (do not make an effort), but just feel as if it is already there (because it is).
    • You can direct it toward any place, person, or time. Send it to different parts of your body for healing. You can directly feel the energy, either by seeing or feeling it depending on which sensory modality dominates.
    • Some individuals can do both. The energy emanated from orgonite is unlimited so do not worry about running out of it. Use as much as you want, it gets replaced instantly.
  2. 2
    Communicate your intention to the orgonite object. Every “thing” has consciousness, from the smallest atom (and even smaller to subatomic particles) to animals, planets, stars, solar systems, galaxies and beyond (From a Cosmic Intelligence perspective, we can see ourselves as subatomic particles.
    • The structure of solar systems, with one central Sun and planets orbiting resembles the make-up of individual atoms with protons and neutrons at the center and electrons rotating them in orbitals.
    • A different solar system can be thought of as analogous to different types of atoms, with different numbers of electrons and neutrons-think about it. As above so below. )
    • Talk to it out loud or in your mind as if you are talking to an old friend you have not seen for a while or whichever way makes you most comfortable.
    • Ask for healing, love, and light, for yourself and all life that surrounds you. The orgonite will appreciate being acknowledged and will emanate even more love toward you and you toward it.
    • Breathe in this healing energy of love. See and feel it coming in through your nose and healing all parts of your body, mind, soul, and emotions.
  3. 3
    Place orgonite around your community and any other places you think need healing. Bury orgonite under trees. Their roots can absorb this energy and harness it for the greater good of all. Trees are conscious living organisms and will share this abundant and unlimited supply of energy with all forms of life that they can.
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    Orgonite can communicate across time and space and is not restricted by our conventional notions of space-time dimensions. Just by looking at any pictures of orgonite, you will be able to gain a sense of their power and vibrations. Essentially, the healing effects of orgonite can, and are, transmitted just by looking at pictures of them. Try looking at and focusing on different picture of orgonite and you will gain a sense of how each piece sends out its own characteristic healing vibrations. You CAN be healed just by looking at pictures of them. Of course, we can't stare at a computer screen all day, so having one around us physically will help. The effects, however, are just the same.
  5. 5
    Bury orgonite near cell phone towers and other large sources of EMF radiation. Any DOE that may be released is transmuted and, just like giant versions of your Wi-Fi routers at home, the cell phone towers are now broadcasting frequencies of LOVE to your entire neighborhood and beyond
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    Carry a piece of orgonite around you during the day. It will constantly be transmuting any DOE you may come across and emanate a positive LOVE field of POE.
    • Place some pieces at your work desk or office. The benefits of the orgonite will be transmitted to all within its vicinity.
    • Know that you are helping to make your workplace a friendlier and happier place.
  7. 7
    Place an orgonite pendant or necklace (or even gems and jewels) around your dog’s leash. This way, they are being protected and helped at all times too
  8. 8
    Cleanse any crystals with the orgonite, just as you would harness the energy of the Sun or water to cleanse your crystals. With orgonite, the cleansing takes place immediately and instantaneously.
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    Place a piece of orgonite (or any quartz crystal) in your toilet tank. This way, you are generating a positive flow of orgone energy with every flush of the toilet.
    • Think of your toilet and all water flow in your own home as your own personal stream of consciousness, both literally and figuratively.
    • That extra kick of positive energy given by the orgonite will be spread all over the world, as all streams of water, and consciousness, are interconnected.
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    Take a bath with orgonite and other crystals placed in the water. Use some Dead Sea or Himalayan salt crystals as well as bentonite clay for a relaxing, soothing, detoxing, and energizing effect. Add some essential oils for an especially special experience.
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    Tape or glue a piece to the wind catcher on a wind chime and feel the orgonite go into resonance and harmony with the natural sounds of Mother Earth and spread that energy as far as the ear can hear.
    • Use a modified orgonite wind chime indoors, simply place it in front a fan and you can have that beautiful and healing melody night and day.
  12. 12
    Place a piece of orgonite underneath your pillow. Your sleep will be restful and energizing.
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    Place a piece of orgonite in your fridge. It will make your food last longer and taste better by charging it with POE.
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    If you live near the train tracks, throw a piece somewhere close by. Orgone energy is the precursor to electrical, heat, and other types of energy.
    • The electricity running through the tracks are analogous to manmade streams of water (in this case, water = electricity). The POE will be carried along the network of the tracks to all connecting tracks.
    • Think of the effect this can have in large connection systems such as the subways in NYC. Additionally, any trains running over the vicinity of the orgonite will absorb a lot of the POE and distribute it to the passengers, making for happier city inhabitants.
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    Place a couple of small pieces on the blades of your ceiling fan. The spinning will create an orgone vortex spinning to the Sky and Earth and is a very powerful healing method.
  16. 16
    Tape a piece to your shower head. This way, every time that you take a shower, you will be bathing in orgone energized water.

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  • Does organite have to be recharged?
    wikiHow Contributor
    Yes. Put it in direct sunlight for a few hours, run it under your tap for five minutes while holding it and visualizing your intent, or bury it in the ground for a day.
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  • If orgonite is out of your price range for now, try printing out a picture of one, the effects will be similar to if you had a piece of physical orgonite.
  • Placing a picture of yourself in or on the orgonite will increase the healing effects that it specifically channels toward you. Essentially, it will always be connected to you and it will constantly be channeling healing energy and protection toward you. If you are making your own orgonite, place a picture of yourself, however tiny it needs to be, inside of the resin to have it permanently connected to you. If you want, also also place pictures of loved ones, family, pets, friends, people, and/or places that mean something to you and you want healing for as well. This will make healing work much easier for the orgonite and for you. You can dedicate one piece of orgonite for a specific person or have each one contain many pictures.The effect will be the same as orgonite contains unlimited energy. If you already have a piece of orgonite and you are not making any, simply tape or glue a picture of the person you want healing for on it.

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