How to Use the Energy in Stones

In some cultures a stone is something used to break a window, and in others stones are used to draw energy from. They can aid you in various ways, from bringing inner peace to breaking fevers. Using stones/crystals is an age old practice, and now it's time you learn how to use them to better your own life.


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    Do some research. There are many ways to do this. You can either go to a library or look for a legitimate source of information on the internet.
    • Concentrate on their physical association (part of body affected) and what they are used for. Once you know what you need a stone for, it's easier to pick one for your own use.
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    • Also take a look at what your birthstone is. Birthstones help enhance your personal energy.
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    Go and get the stone of your choice. This is where it gets personal. The way you get the stone isn't as important as how you use it. You can go to a shop and buy a stone of your choice, or you can make it a weekend and go hunting for stones. Good places to go stone/crystal hunting are riverbeds, caves, seashores, forests and deserts.
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    Clean your stone. It is as simple as cleaning your nails. You will have warm water, soap which creates a lot of foam and a nail brush. A lot of crystals/stones still have dirt on them, which is why you will clean them. This dirt is usually part of the growth matrix (the part of the earth where the crystal grows), and sometimes this gets really tough to get off. Just keep at it, but make sure you are thorough. After cleaning, just place your stone/crystal in a sunny place to dry and soak up those rays.
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    Cleanse your stone. The idea of cleansing your stone/crystal is to rid it of all negative energies that may have accumulated. The easiest way to do this is to do what you feel works best and what makes sense to you. Many people have elaborate cleansing rituals for their stones/crystals whilst others soak them in salt water. Soak your stone/crystal in a saltwater solution for seven hours every two weeks.
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    Charge your stone. This involves you putting your stone/crystal in the sun. The amount of time it needs to spend in the sun depends on the size of your stone/crystal. Experiment with it a bit.
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    Activate your stone. This is where you physically get involved in the whole process of using the energy inside of your stone/crystal. This is a lot easier than you would imagine. Just spend a lot of time with your stone/crystal. Gaze at it, rub it in your hands, sleep with it under your pillow or such, washing it and so forth. It truly is as easy as that.
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    Use your crystal. To use it is even easier than activating it. Simply have it on you, whether in a pouch, your pocket, wallet, and so forth. Just carry it wherever you go, and you'll be sure to reap the rewards that mother nature has for you. And that is it. How to use the energy in stones/crystals.


  • A good thing to have in your house is Basil (the herb). This is usually used to bathe in to rid you of any negative energy that you may have picked up through the day by touching people and objects. Everything is made out of energy, and energy rubs off on anything. Give your stone/crystal a good scrubbing with some Basil water (Boil one teaspoon of basil, strain the water from the basil. Ready to use) and charge it the way described above.
  • You can have a pouch with many different stones/crystals in them to have more beneficial energies sent to you.
  • If possible, don't let other people touch your stone/crystal. As stated in the previous tip, energy rubs off on anything. So if somebody touches your crystal, cleanse it, clean it, charge it.
  • Just like everything in the world, the energy of your stone/crystal does become depleted. Charge it regularly (I charge mine every week) and also clean it regularly.
  • A very important tip is this: TRUST and BELIEVE that your stone/crystal will work for which you intend it to work. Nothing is worth doing if you don't believe it will work.


  • Don't leave your stone/crystal for a long period of time to build up negative energies. Clean it regularly. If your stone/crystal is not bringing you which you desire it to, cleanse it, clean it, charge it.

Things You'll Need

  • Water
  • Pouch (velvet, cloth, leather, etc.)
  • Stone(s)/Crystal(s) of your liking
  • Basil
  • Boiling Water
  • Trust that Stones/Crystals really work

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