How to Use the Near Future Tense (Spanish)

The future tense is for saying that you're going to do something. If you want to say/write "I am going to the shopping mall tomorrow" or "She's going to do her homework tonight" in Spanish but you don't know how to, jump right in at step 1!


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    Know the basic structure. The near future tense formula is : Ir + a + infinitive
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    Learn how to conjugate the verb Ir. This means "to go", and the word changes depending on the subject of the sentence. These basic conjugations, if they stand alone, are in the present tense ("I go," "we go," etc.), but in the context of the future tense formula, they take on the future meaning as we understand it in English ("I'm going," "we're going," etc).
    • Ir = to go
    • Voy = I'm going
    • Vamos = we're going
    • Vas = you (sing.) are going
    • Vais = you (plu.) are going
    • Va = he, she, it, is going
    • Van = they/you guys are going
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    Add a in the middle after conjugating the ir, to follow the Ir + a + infinitive formula.
    • For example: I am going to = Voy a
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    Add the infinitive. What is an infinitive? An infinitive is a basic form of verb before it has been conjugated. In Spanish, it will end with either -er, -ir or -ar. In English, it is a verb with "to" in front of it. (e.g. to walk / to cook)
    • Examples of Infinitives:
      • Cantar - To sing
      • Comprar - To buy
      • Escuchar - To listen to
      • Beber - To drink
      • Comer - To eat
      • Leer - To read
      • Escribir - To write
      • Vivir - To live
      • Servir - To serve
    • An example of a sentence following the formula of near future tense will be as follows; She is going to sing = Va a cantar.
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    Practice some examples. Since you've learned how to use the near future tense in Spanish, here's a few questions to check whether you've understood it.
    • How do you say...
      • We are going to live in Spain.
      • John is going to drink.
      • Tomorrow, I am going to listen to music.
      • They are going to watch a movie this weekend.
      • You are going to write.

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