How to Use the Urban Dictionary

Urbandictionary is a free online dictionary of slang and colloquialisms. It is a wiki in some ways, in that you can add entries yourself. Finding your way around the Urbandictionary is easy if you know how.


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    Go to the Urban Dictionary.
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    Search for your word. If you've heard a friend say something that you're not sure about, look it up by typing the word into the Search field, which is found in the top right-hand corner of the screen.
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    Find the right entry. A list of definitions should appear. Scroll down the list, reading through the entries. The generally accepted meaning is the one with the most similar definitions. So, for instance, if you got six definitions and four of them say one thing, but two say another, the four are most likely correct. Look at the ratings others have given the definition as well. Also, think back to the context in which you first heard the word. This is the most important element in finding the correct meaning. Here are some other helpful features of the search:
    • Related words: At the top of the list there should be a cluster of green squares with words in them. These are related words, that may have similar meanings. These come in handy if you've misspelled the word, as it will appear there in one of the first boxes.
    • Similarly spelled words: These appear in a list to the left of the search results. These can help you find variations in spelling of your word, such as Shawty and Shawtii. Shawtii would appear in the left hand column, just above Shawty.
    • Phrases containing your word: This will appear to the left as well. You may want to search for that exact phrase used with your unknown word.
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    Try clicking Browse. By clicking browse, a list of every word in the Urban dictionary will appear. You can scroll through and click on entries that pique your interest.
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    Click the Newest Tab. Clicking this will give you a list of the latest entries to Urbandictionary. This is a great way to refine your search to words that are fairly new.
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    Try out your new word in your day-to-day vocabulary!


  • Just to keep in touch with modern language, browse through the home page every day. Featured words and phrases appear there, so you can slowly build up your vocabulary daily.
  • To increase your vocabulary, press the Random tab on the left of the list of letters. This will bring up a randomly selected phrase from the dictionary, so that you can learn it.


  • Some content on the Urban Dictionary is offensive, as is the nature of slang. When hitting Random, be prepared to meet some potentially offensive words and phrases.
  • Because the Urban Dictionary is not a full Wiki, in the sense that you cannot update entries, some definitions may be out of date, or totally incorrect to begin with.

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