How to Use Vintage Lace

Vintage lace is very collectible these days but it can be all too easy to place it in the bottom drawer and forget about it rather than celebrate it and make good use of it. It is much more enjoyable to use and display vintage lace - and surely that is what those who made it long ago intended to happen anyway! Here are some ideas to inspire your own.


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    Use the vintage lace pieces for craft projects. Although your great-grandmother might have though that lace, lace doilies and lace-edged handkerchiefs, cloths etc. were too good to use in her day, she has left you with an amazing legacy of well-preserved reminders of the past. Consider the ways in which you can incorporate the lace pieces into your craft projects. For example:
    • Sew as feature pieces on quilts and hangings
    • Make a larger tablecloth from many smaller doilies and lace pieces
    • Embellish your clothing with old lace for a special look
    • Use in scrapping projects - add to cards or scrapbooks; it can also look fabulous as part of the cover of a scrapbook wedding album.
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    Consider using old lace as the "something old" for wedding items. You might be able to insert it into the dress, or make accessories using it.
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    Add it to tea cosies. After knitting a great tea cosy, dress it up with a flourish of old lace.
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    Make doll and teddy clothing from vintage lace. Doilies, lace pieces and handkerchiefs edged with lace can make wonderful clothing items. Just add imagination and turn your doll or teddy into an heirloom.
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    Frame a quality piece of vintage lace. If it is really beautiful, turn it into a conversation piece and have it framed. If you know its origin and date, have a small plaque added to the frame as a family heirloom reminder.
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    Use vintage lace in curtain tie-backs. If you have a very romantic bedroom, this can be a very elegant use for vintage lace.


  • Take care with old lace; always check its strength and fragility before using in a project.
  • Be sure that you want to change it from a roll of old lace or a lace-edged cloth before you go ahead and do it. There is no going back once this has been done!

Things You'll Need

  • Vintage lace, lace-edged handkerchiefs and cloths, lace doilies etc.
  • Sewing materials

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