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Jacquelyn said:

Thanks for the welcome. I am excited to start. Any suggestions on inspiration to get going? I don't know where to begin.

MoonScar45 said:

Yes.I do speak english actually.And, well. . . wow u've got lot of articles.But I think my writing is just fine but I accept ur opinion or comment.Out of nowhere um, . . . have u ever heard of a video game called "Kingdom hearts"????But u don't have to answer it,I just have a strange feeling that u do.Anyway ur writing is rellee good.To tell you da truth I'm not good at writing how-to's.I'm actually good atwritng story's cuz most of the time when I feeling that way I write about it,. . .instead of punching someone in the face(lol).But I guess I'm metie-ogre.Oh well . . . talk to ya L8ter

Jack H said:
NO difference really. We really should just have 1 of them.  :)
Jack H said:
It could be...but it is the sort of thing best discussed on the forums. I would be OK with merging them. {{inuse}} seems to used more frequently.
Freunde said:
Hey, is How to Hit a Home Run on Mvp Baseball 2005 supposed to have uppercase MVP?
Freunde said:
Sure. =)
Freunde said:
Hey, I was just wondering why you rolled these changes back? Thanks =)
LANP said:
You're welcome. I enjoy fixing mistakes especially--however, most do not like being corrected, so I rarely get a chance to do it. I made at least five edits before I thought of getting an account, too.
Dipi said:

hi thnkx 4 helping me....a day be4 i loged in n it is true tht i hav bit difficulty 2 operate it bt u gave me solution....thnx ...well may i knw abt u....

waitng 4 ue reply...
Vnahum said:
Hi. I just publiched an article "HOW TO PREVENT HEALTH CARE ASSOCIATED INFECTIONS" but it does not come up in the search. What happened? :) Thanks, Guitarahero! -V
Vnahum said:
Horses4Ever said:

You Make our wikiWorld
Go Around!

Thanks for your impressive edits today and everyday in wikiHow! You're helping create an even more beautiful place to be!


Horses4Ever said:
You earned it :)
Zombieslayer said:
what does it mean I'm baned from the forums.
Flynn Wood said:

Aloha 1guitarhero2,

The discussion page for * - article on Uninstall Windows XP and Revert to a Previous Operating System.

Is there anything else to add to get this page past the editing stage?



Freunde said:
Which welcome template are you using?
Freunde said:
MD Otley said:
What was the award for?
spongebob_lover said:
Flynn Wood said:

Aloha 1guitarhero2,

Yes, why is this page still under the subheading "Articles That Require Further Editing"?


Nicole Willson said:
Thanks :)!
Imperatrix said:
Thank you for the props :) Unfortunately I can't be as active as I once was with my current job.
Freunde said:
Introspection 8595.jpg
Hey 1guitarhero2/archive8, I am just writing to you to let you know that the Administrator Notice Board is now live and in use!

The wikiHow Administrator Notice Board is a place where non-administrators can leave messages or notes that seek immediate attention for administrators. You can find more details and instructions on the page.
MTex1313 said:
which 1?
MoonScar45 said:

I mean how long has it took u 2 write all those "how-to's"?That's insaine but good catch ya l8ter.

Takingbackliz said:
hey i love guitar hero 2 !! haah ttyl
TipSet said:

Whats you runescape username?

TipSet said:
TipSet said:
Ahh sorry I didn't know I had caps on =)
TipSet said:
I don't play any more so I can give you some free stuff.... If you're a member
Cipher_nemo said:
OUCH! Your talk page color is hurting my eyes. So, I'm trumping your colors.
Any ways, I just noticed a user box on your author page: "This user attended kindergarten." ROFLOL!
Nik Emerson said:

Hello, 1guitarhero2. Congratulations on being one of the wikiHowians that has edited a How-to page!

Thank you for your help in making Wikihow something beautiful

If you get this more than once, it just means you are a very good editor!


Horses4Ever said:
I just remember some admins having to block several people named Dr. Phil who were all spamming the same page...
KnowItSome said:
A bit busy, yes. Was in China for two weeks. Back now, though!
Freunde said:
Ha Ha... Yea, people will probably copy this one anyways. It least I can be unique for a little while!
KnowItSome said:
china was great. But I am very glad to be home. Chatters....that depends. If they are speaking in earnest about wikiHow matters, then I don't usually give a chatter warning.
KnowItSome said:

would this one work?

Category:XP Instructions
TuggingHeartstrings said:
Thank you! said:
Lol sorry its a bad habit
KiS said:
KiS said:

I do believe that your question has recently been addressed it the forums.
KnowItSome said:
Yeah, LOL.
Booky said:

A. I did not block him; it's a warning. Only admins can block. B. I originally posted a welcome message, but KnowItSome changed it to a warning, because

C. His username ha characters that were not compatible with all servers.
D rae said:

I love all those bands <3 You've got good taste in music, my friend :)
No Green Day? What, you don't like Brain Stew? Haha, it's cool. Thanks for letting me see that!

Booky said:


BTW I think it would be easier on a lot of eyes of your talk page magically changes color :)
Blackskatergirl said:
hey sup
Blackskatergirl said:
nothing really just skateboarding
Lil_literalist said:
I'm sorry about that.
Blackskatergirl said:
Horses4Ever said:
Thanks :)
Dachshundluver99 said:
hi! how r u?
Starcraft2 said:

it's a fun rts game. sc 2 is coming out for psp and pc so grab it if u can,

starcraft 2
Dachshundluver99 said:
I'm good. Happy Fourth of July!
TipSet said:
Horses4Ever said:
Dachshundluver99 said:
D rae said:

Hey, happy 4th of July :)
I just realized I never gave you the link to the BSP, and you're one of the most popular teens here. Hmm... wonder how that happened. Well, here it is. If you've got any free time, you can always help with that :P
wikiHow:Behavior-Saviors. I don't know if you've seen it yet. Again, sorry.

D rae said:
I noticed your name at the bottom of the BSP, but then I noticed Tugs reverted your edits. What did you do to the article? Nothing bad, I'm sure.
D rae said:
But your name is at the bottom of the page, as a contributor. I went into the history, and apparently THS reverted your edits... hmm... It's cool, though. I believe you.
TipSet said:
Hey, I need you help I'm trying to add photos to all the Runescape articles and I really need your help.
TipSet said:
Check out the new version of one of your Runescape articles. I added pictures, you can find a list of all the Runescape articles that need pictures here. said:
hey there, I completed ALL the free quests, even Dragon slayer, it was hard, but with the help of strength potion, lobsters, prayer, and a friend t ocheer me on, I completed it. =-) see ya.
Geeway said:
Hey your awesome!MCR rox!
KnowItSome said:

You said KiS reminded you of KnowItSome, so here is the scoop:

Yes, KiS is KnowItSome......people started calling me KiS a long time ago as an abbreviation, so I went ahead and wrapped up that username to preempt the possibility of anyone else taking it and thus causing confusion. And sometimes I patrol from that username, because as it says on the KIS userpage:

This author prefers to be patrolled.
Be Happy said:
Hey, 1gh2, Ithought you might be interested in the BOLD EDIT CONTEST. It's a contest involving rewriting stubs and nfds. See the General Chat Forum (or KiS, for that matter) for details.
Stephanie said:
hi, just wanted to say that i LOVE your user page!
TipSet said:
No problem, I have some runes and stuff that i'm going to upload. Welcome Back
TipSet said:
TipSet said:

On they have a packgage for fansites

TipSet said:
Its in the fansites section.
TipSet said:

You can't use runescape links its run by javascript..... I have it so I will up load everything said:

no kidding

KnowItSome said:
Polling Station 1755.jpg

Have you voted in our contest yet?

PahrumpBoy said:
Roxy said:

Hi! I saw your name I thought it'd be nice to say HI to you. Have a nice day!

♥ Roxy
Bambina said:
i have never spammed anything!!!! i dont even no how to!
KnowItSome said:
Yes, the Bold Edit Contest. That note I sent you above has a clickable link.....there is still time for you to vote Don't want you to miss it!
TuggingHeartstrings said:
Wassup? =D Do you mind if I use your music box thingie on your userpage? It's awesome, and I want to use on my own userpage. Thanks!
Harold R said:

Thanks for being a part of the Awards Team! Our goal is to promote wikiLove around here, and we've done some great things.

I wanted to let you know of an update I made to the awards pages. The first thing you'll notice is the change in name. Formerly, it was simply the Awards Project. But I think we've established the project enough that it is a more concrete part of wikiHow. Therefore, the project was renamed to the wikiHow Award Center.

With the change also comes a new function. You may have noticed in the forums that we have had some fun contests where the "prizes" are special awards. After talking with KnowitSome -- who seems to find herself spearheading these endeavors -- these contests will be funneled through the award center, providing an outlet and source of information. As a team member, I hope that you will assist or even start some of these yourself (or participate!).

In addition to the menu and page changes, you will also notice a change in layout on the barnstars page (here) which gives information about each barnstar in a more compact, easy to read format. This also allows us to add more barnstars more easily.

I think these changes are a good thing for the project as well as wikiHow. Of course, this is all open to editing or modification, and I certainly hold no rights to the project. So if you think something can be done better, feel free to make changes as you feel is necessary. :-)

See you around!
Booky said:
Just a reminder I'm sending to all welcome team members... the re's been quite a few "unwelcomed" users lately.
MoonScar45 said:

hey r u not tslking to me?Sorry I haven't been on 4 a long time.Anyways do u play any sort of video games.Cuz the type I play is kinda violent(lol)I'm sorry I'm not like other girls who r very, how do say this umm . . . perky.So umm talk to u l8ter.

Heather said:

Have you heard of the Requesties contest?


how can u see a thing in here
The Electronic Princess said:
go guitarhero!
Freunde said:
Well, there is a share button now. I just got back from an Alaskan cruise. I have been gone a little while also!
Candyluva said:
suave,tikeeee said:

okay, since you need help, I will tell you what to do. 1. Go to the champs guild (you need at least 32 qps to enter.)and ask about rune platemail. 2. The Champs guild will send you to Oziach. GO to Oziach (He will give you a quest.) 3. ask how to prove that you are a hero. 4. buy a lobster pot, a wizard's minf bomb, and an unfired bowl. 5. use those to unlock the magic door in the dwarven mines. 6. you will get a map peice. Go to the Port Sarim jail and pay the goblin 1,000 gp, or kill him and use tele grab. 7. Go back to the Cahmps guild and get a key to Melzar's maze. 8. go to melzar's maze and open the door. 9. kill all rats until you get the red key. go up ladder 10. kill all ghosts until you get the orange key. go up ladder 11. kill all skeletons until you get the yellow key, go down the ladder. 12. kill the zombies until you get the blue key, open the blue doror. 13. kill Melzar (He will be insane) get the purple key, and open the purple door. 14. Here is where you are going to need an inventory full of swordfish, or lobsters and silverlight if you got the silverlight sword from the demon slayer. kill the lvl 82 lesser demon until you get the green key. use that key to open the last door, and you will get the last map peice. 15. go to the graveyard of shadows in the wild and get three planks, hopefully noone pks you. 16. either buy or forge 90 steel nails. 17. get 2,00 coins and buy lady lumbridge at Port Sarim. 18. go to Ned, give him the map and he will go. 19. get the best armor you have, and your best weapon, go to the duke of Lumbridge, get an anti fragon-breath sheild. 20. go to port Sarim, use the three planks and 90 steel nails to fix the ship. 21. set sail, there is a mini movie do not panic when the ship crashes.

22. go into the cave, climb over the wall,(HOPEFULLY YOU BROUGHT EXPENSIVE FOOD WITH YOU!) and kill the dragon.
Ali-J* said:
I'm going to be a member of the team, ok I make awards a lot
Alyssa★ said:

== Just Droppin' In To Say Hello! == Hey, 1guitarhero2! Just thought I'd come over here and say hello! =] So, erm, hello! Have a nice day!

Alyssa★ said:
Hee hee =D c[x xD ~xLyssx~ said:
how do u get 90 steel nails if arent a member
Racquel said:
I agree
Heather said:
Hi! Do you like the game Guitar Hero? I love it too! I kind of suck at it...but i am fine. Its FUN
Heather said:
Cuz of your username its so obvious you like it. I am getting better at it and it is so fun! said:
fish has omega fatty acids that are good for your body and mind
Bees_vball said:
Sorry if you've already answered this, but where did you get the icons that say "This author buckles up" and "This author likes rainy days", etc?
Freunde said:
Have not heard from you in quite a while. Still alive? said:

Do you ever get tired of having everyone post random stuff on your page?


At 20:20, Aug 19, 2007

ElocinaNicole Willson said:

"Gee... I wonder what article I should enter into the Back to School Contest?"

Back to School Contest

All you need to do is write or improve an article
about a school-related topic.

If you have a few minutes, why not give it a try?

At 01:44, Aug 27, 2007 said:

you talkin about runescape

At 01:44, Aug 27, 2007 said:

you talkin about runescape

At 02:52, Aug 29, 2007

BuddymyboyAmy Bright said:

Hello, I am currently working with Nicole Willson in making some awards for the Back To School Contest I have made one, but i can't not get the lines and wording to line up how i want them to, do you think you could take a look?

I would like the Congartulaions and the Thankyou for... to be centered in teh middle of the page

The words starting with and ending with "well done" i would like them to line up centered, or wome way to make them look better.

If you could help taht would be great.

Thanks Amy

At 22:45, Sep 07, 2007

Hafarr6ftHarold R said:

Hey! In case you didn't see my forum post, I have added 3 new barnstars to our lineup. To see them go here. They are:
The Ambassador Barnstar
The FA Barnstar
The Template Upholder Barnstar
See you around!

At 06:46, Sep 24, 2007

HowartheHowarthe said:

How to sort and store LEGO toys is a current featured article candidate. You have contributed to LEGO articles before, please help this article reach featured article status by improving it or sharing ideas on the discussion page. Thanks!

At 06:48, Sep 24, 2007

KnowItSomeKnowItSome said:

When will we be seeing you again?

At 22:59, Sep 28, 2007

Stealthy72Stealthy72 said:

Hey man, remember me? Didn't think so. Well i got a problem. See I really need a way to put online games onto my 2 gb flash drive. If you (or anyone) on this thread can help me I would be much obliged.

At 13:04, Oct 02, 2007

ASE_TechB4uASE_TechB4u said:

Hello I'm Dennis. I recently created a new article "How to Find Your Car's Refrigerant or A/C Freon Leak" and it is not showing up in the site's search. I cannot link other related wiki's to my article since it is not showing up as being in existance. Any help you can offer would be appreciated in resolving this.

At 00:07, Oct 03, 2007

KnowItSomeemostiwonK said:

I am so glad you are back! Missed you a lot. Check this out, if you get a chance--one of several new things we have going around here....

At 00:41, Oct 03, 2007

Eric-WFreunde said:

Good to hear you are back again!!!

At 15:55, Oct 03, 2007

ASE_TechB4uASE_TechB4u said:

Thanks, I will wait awhile to see if this problem resolves itself.

At 15:57, Oct 03, 2007

ZartlaTipper said:

Welcome Back!

At 18:20, Oct 03, 2007

Megadeth1539Megadeth1539 said:

Hey I want to be one of those RC patrollers but I dont know what to do can you help?

At 15:58, Nov 13, 2007

KestrelladawsonaAnne Dawson said:

hey there - i love fall out boy too, who's your fave from the band? mine's pete wentz. i liked their song "thanks for the memories" and "a little less sixteen candles, a little more 'touch me'"...they're amazing.

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