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Hey! Feel free to leave me a message here if you have any questions, comments, or concerns, and I'll get back to you when I can.

Since my talk page gets pretty long, if there's anything particularly urgent, you can also reach me at I may see it and be able to respond sooner that way :)

At 00:22, Sep 10, 2016

Aly-GraceAly Grace said:

I don't have a background in education... I'm actually still in school! But I think sometimes topics like this are best written by people who need the same thing or understand the way their readers think- like students writing articles about their methods for other students! I have always been above average in school, though, particularly in math and writing. WikiHow is a way for me to use my writing skills, and my math skills, in this case, to help other people!

At 00:34, Sep 10, 2016

IllneedasaviourIllneedasaviour said:

Woot, guess who just scored 97% on the final and earned 98% overall?! Nonstop studying pays off :D Still carving out social and family time in the midst of all the textbooks. I'm gonna have a drink with my parents to celebrate :)

Glad to know y'all newlyweds are still basking in the glory! Me and T signed up to run a marathon next month. This one, they throw powdered paint at every km so it'll be a blast! I've never run a marathon before so guess it's time to spend my free time on the treadmill!

At 00:38, Sep 10, 2016

Lumenite88Karianna Wood said:

It's great being able to help out!

At 00:55, Sep 10, 2016

DonaganDonagan said:

Thank you for the TU. In fact, thank youuuu! (Not sure how that's spelled.)

At 00:56, Sep 10, 2016

DoggoDoggo said:

Well getting cleaned will help you wake up by getting your nerves to awaken and go throughout your body.

At 01:46, Sep 10, 2016

JakeContributionJakeContribution said:

Ok I added some pre-assembly information to the article but didn't really touch the assembly area as it was already pretty good. I now need to get whitelisted so that I can link it there haha.

At 01:56, Sep 10, 2016

DMCsupergamerDMCsupergamer said:

No, thank YOU! You the one who deserves all the credit because you made the edit!

At 01:58, Sep 10, 2016

Banana-HeadBanana Head said:

Yeah it makes sense. Thanks!

At 02:53, Sep 10, 2016

Emily.RoseEmily Rose said:

no need to edit anything its so amazing , and it include all what i would add or say ,but i replay to all the questions that was there .... feel free to tell about more artical about banks i will gladly look and comment in them ^^

At 02:55, Sep 10, 2016

Italianfan100Italianfan100 said:

Thanks! You're welcome!

At 03:11, Sep 10, 2016

Lilyh803Lilyh803 said:

Thank you! :)

At 04:22, Sep 10, 2016 said:

You're welcome, but I already have an account. smitchell12

At 07:44, Sep 10, 2016

Raymond-JacobRaymond Jacob said:

Thanks am looking forward to that.

At 07:46, Sep 10, 2016

Patil-pariPatil pari said:

I'm happy with this community

At 08:04, Sep 10, 2016

PrincessTSPrincessTS said:


My brother managed to rollback the edit while I was getting my glasses. I am wondering what the "leader" thing means on the Community Dashboard.

At 08:20, Sep 10, 2016

Linda07Linda07 said:

I am happy with this community.i want to share my blog about dark circle removal,hope you like it....

At 12:47, Sep 10, 2016

SambobSambob said:


At 13:21, Sep 10, 2016

InfernoTerraStephen said:

Nooooo. More like, the sky's awake so I'm sleeping. >> My family has taken to waking me up like, "Good evening moonbeam!"

YepYep! Although I work the weekend I have Monday-Tuesday off., so there's that! I love having off when others are up and about working. Glooooorious! Enjoy your errands! Doing anything good or just shopping and what not? Not that that's not good too buttttt >>

At 13:35, Sep 10, 2016

SarahBSarahB said:

Hi Anna, not sure about the user name for [[1]] according to my dictionary it means : KHALIFAH has 1 sense: the civil and religious leader of a Muslim state considered to be a representative of Allah on earth. I've not left a username template on his page. What do you think?

At 14:05, Sep 10, 2016 said:

Thanks for the information!! :) :) :) :) :)

At 14:13, Sep 10, 2016

Skivvie0Skivvie0 said:

I'm writing a fantasy story. It sort of like The Hunger Games crossed with The Unwanteds (<-- By Lisa McMann).

At 14:24, Sep 10, 2016

Cookie-HoughtonCookie Houghton said:

Yeah i have lots of tennis related tips to share just focusing on academic reasons and tennis itself!

At 16:15, Sep 10, 2016

XitGotTheBetterOfMeXLiz said:

Thanks for the thumbs up :) Things are great thanks, I'm trying to be a little more active on WikiHow these days :)

At 17:06, Sep 10, 2016

Lumenite88Karianna Wood said:

Hi, My talk page is getting pretty long...I have looked at the article on archiving, but I don't understand how. Could you help me? -Kari L. W. (talk) 17:06, 10 September 2016 (GMT)

At 18:23, Sep 10, 2016

SarahBSarahB said:

Hello Missus! How are you enjoying your weekend so far, would you do the needful and delete Travel in the Alps

requested here thanks, toodle pip!

At 18:47, Sep 10, 2016

Starlight-DreamsStarlight Dreams said:

Hi Anna! I was wondering, because Draw a Realistic Rabbit uses pictures from multiple artists and they may not appreciate their work being used in the public domain, should I make replacement drawings? Not only would it help show the end result, it would be better for the artists as well. I'm not sure if they gave their consent to having their work put in the article. I mentioned this on the discussion page of the article as well. Thanks!

At 18:52, Sep 10, 2016

SarahBSarahB said:

Hi Anna, remember we talked about the edits being made to articles regarding trading? Find the Top Day Trading Picks has been attacked by those anon accounts (in Italy) again by another new anon account today so I was wondering if you could protect that article for a while? Toodle pip.

At 19:48, Sep 10, 2016 said:


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