How to Visit a Crop Circle

Has there been word of a crop formation ("circle") in your region? You might find it worth your while to pay a personal visit to the site.


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    Try to be the first to set foot on the scene of a crop formation or "circle", as they were referred to early on (some of these strange formations date back to the Nineteenth Century but the current craze didn't become household terminology until about the '70s or so). In order to be first on the scene, however, you will almost have to be on Ground Zero just as it is being formed; in most instances you will have heard about it second or third-hand or from local media who will most likely not give an honest or accurate account. Any event, upon learning of the formation, try to waste zero time in personally getting out there as the more people that go parading through the formation---everything from religious whack jobs to curious oglers and lookie-lou types who don't have a clue, the less chance that you will have to explore and examine the evidence in its most pristine form----such as soil samples, wheat stalks (very important), residual microwave energy. anomalous magnetic fields, etc. In so many words: get out
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    Know about what crop circles are. If you are truly sincere about and dedicated to investigating crop formations, there are a number of books out there that you can study and you should definitely engage in an extensive review not only of plane and analytic geometry but acquaint yourself as much as humanly possible with the subject of fractals---for those not familiar, a fractal is a most times complex or complex appearing geometric construct composed of relatively simple geometric figures such as a square, circle, triangle, etc. reiterated over and over (ad infinitum) on an exponentially decreasing physical scale....a prime example is here set forth: imagine an equilateral triangle---now imagine another such inscribed in the first with its vertices located precisely at the mid points of the sides of the original imagine a third equilateral triangle likewise inscribed in the second one you just created...then a fourth...a have just created a fractal. A variation upon this is the famous "Sierpinski triangle". Fractals...some of which are stunningly beautiful - are becoming very routine in these formations.
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    Learn to distinguish between three broad classes of crop formations, they are: Melik Circles; Pictograms, and, Fractals or other very intricate and ornate Geometric Constructs.
    • Melik Circles are perfectly formed circles in the field that bear very definite and precise but not necessarily immediately identifiable geometric relationships to each other...there are many ways that this can be done but by way of illustration, imagine two concentric circles such that a hexagon that is perfectly tangent (circumscribes) the smaller of the two circles is itself perfectly circumscribed by the larger circle but the hexagon itself is left out of the pattern...or you might see three circles all lying outside each other that are perfectly tangent to a line which itself is not visible.
    • Pictograms are perhaps akin to hieroglyphics in that they could depict a constellation or could be a symbol for the moon or a fish or whatever....usually very simple and possess none of the sheer artistry and stunning majesty that the far more intricate designs that came later and persist to this day now exhibit.
    • Fractals and other extremely intricate and spell-binding beautiful and symmetric geometric constructs. These are highly mathematical and to fully appreciate them takes very careful and time consuming measurements of their dimensions.
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    Even before visiting the site on foot, or as shortly thereafter as humanly possible, get to high ground if any is to be found so that you can look down upon the entire design and get one or more good photographs or footage of same. If you live in predominantly flat area such as back in the Midwest, then rent a plane or chopper and fly directly over it taking as many quality stills or video strips as possible.
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    Bring the right equipment. Absolute minimum equipment to take into a formation should you venture into one, is a camera or camcorder...and a compass. The camera will record the site for all posterity before the public gets out there and makes it look like a herd of elephants came foraging through the field looking for food. The compass is valuable in orienting the layout of the pattern with respect to true or magnetic North and, perhaps more importantly, gives an instant indication of any local magnetic anomalies such as vertices or whorls in which case the rosette wheel of the compass may just begin spinning like a top. Don't forget that compass
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    Take a Geiger counter out there or one of those old but tried and true radiation intensity meters such as the Victoreen Instrument CDV 715 Model 1-B like they had stored in the old bomb shelters back during the Cold War days---you can still get one on e-bay for a song. Now to the best of my knowledge and belief, I do not recall either reading nor hearing of any cases of higher than normal radioactivity being sensed in a crop formation----but it is better safe than sorry...and those versed in saucer lore know of numerous cases of UFO sightings that resulted in the observer suffering or sometimes dying of symptoms precisely like those of radiation overexposure. This is mentioned because the correlation factor between the sudden appearance of a crop formation and the sightings of UFOs in the immediate area (generally in the form of shiny and metallic appearing spheres sometimes just a few inches in diameter, is an issue.
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    Learn to distinguish between radioactivity and microwave radiation: radioactivity consists of rays of particles or extremely high frequency electromagnetic radiation (in the high X-ray region) from disintegrating atoms---this means alpha particles (helium nuclei); beta particles (high speed electrons) and gamma rays (electromagnetic emissions of the same or higher frequency or shorter wavelength than X-rays)...of the three, gamma is most deadly and the one to avoid. If your Geiger or rad intensity level meter shows higher than normal emission in the crop formation area...get out of there and warn others. Microwaves, on the other hand, are radio frequency waves generally from UHF on up to SHF, in the range of a few gigahertz up to the tens of GHz and are generally associated with radar and extremely high frequency satellite communications---not to be confused with radioactivity. Intense microwave radiation is not to be taken lightly, however. It can, at the right frequencies, and even at low field intensities, prove harmful or even fatal. Again, however, I have heard of no documented cases of any crop formation casualties from microwave absorption although I have heard that some people who ventured into a crop formation have been rendered physically ill for whatever reason. Just a word to the wise.
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    For those so inclined and the truly dedicated, you might also take along a portable radio frequency spectrum analyzer---the purpose of this is to detect lingering microwave energy and to measure its intensity at various points within the crop formation. Why is this important? It is because it has been well documented that wheat stalks in particular, taken from samples, have shown evidence of microwave absorption and at intensities that were carefully plotted showing, in at least one case, that the source of microwave radiation was fifteen feet above the exact center of the crop circle.


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  • This is a CRT trace on a spectrum analyzer...this instrument is used to
  • identify and measure the relative power of all of the constituent frequencies in a given radio, TV, radar or other electromagnetic signal.
  • It has been claimed that the bending of wheat stocks can be caused by intense beams of microwave energy and that extremely high power microwave emanations....into the giga watts....have created "gravitational effects".


  • DO NOT enter any crop formation while it is in the making...try to imagine what some kind of presumed "force field" that can bend hundreds or thousands of corn stalks to the ground in a split second might do to you if you happen to be standing right in its swath.
  • DO NOT venture into any crop formation if you observe any objects, shiny metallic and spherical or otherwise cruising around in the sky anywhere near the area.
  • After you feel it is safe to do so, enter the formation carefully with your equipment trying to disturb as little of it and the surrounding terrain as humanly possible. Check for radioactivity first of course. Take as many still photos as you can or footage and record your measurements and findings into the recorder. Measure or pace off distances and angles and record. Take soil samples and stalks from various distances from the centers of any of the circles. Save for laboratory analysis. If you have taken along a portable r.f. spectrum analyzer then switch it on and set it down somewhere convenient with the scan width control set to its highest value preferably centered in the 1 - 6 GHz range. Watch your compass at all times.

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