How to Wait for a Video Game to Come Out

Is the latest video game going to be released soon? Chances are if you're a gamer, you're impatiently waiting for that new game to come out, checking your watch, and feeling bored. Ever wondered if there was any way to pass the time before your local game store opens with your game in stock? Well, read on.


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    Sleep in every chance you get. Unless you have some important things to get done, you'll be able to waste loads of time dead to the world. You won't be bored while sleeping, and who knows? Maybe you'll dream about something cool.
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    Take an MP3 player or iPod and listen to music at breaks and free time during school. Listening to music distracts you from most other things, so you'll forget about that date that's leering at you on the calendar a few weeks away. If you must, fuel your obsession with music from other video games you like, or cool movie soundtracks. Lord of the Rings, Legend of Zelda, and Harry Potter are all great music soundtracks to listen to.
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    Look at a video game (easy one) that you have beaten before, and play through it again. This passes time very easily! (Note, this is better done if you replay the game with cheats or with unlocked content. E.G. infinite ammo, better guns, infinite health, etc.) This tip also works better if the game you are waiting for is part of a series- play any other games that came before this one so the storyline is fresh in your head.
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    Chat with friends or play useless online games. While MSN or Facebook games get a little boring after a bit, they still take away an hour or so from your day. It's better then nothing, right? And waiting a day for your cabbage patch to finish growing is better then waiting a whole two weeks for that game.
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    Do some sort of craft. Make sure it's one you find absorbing. Knitting is fun- but your mom might look at you a little funny if you ask to borrow some yarn and needles. Try making a cool bracelet or drawing something. It can be related to your game, to keep your excitement levels running high.
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    Run outside. A block will take you about 5 minutes if you jog it. Your parents may notice how active you are and let it slip if you spend the next few days playing your game once it arrives. If you'd rather not run, you can do short 5-minute exercises. They can be found all over YouTube, and some of them really do help build muscle. Be a buff gamer!
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    Eating some food you like definitely passes the time. If you combine this with exercise it works pretty well. Just make sure you save all the handy snacks for when you'll need them in a few weeks. It really sucks when you're hungry but you've run out of popcorn to take with you while you game.
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    Buy a quick easy video game. Tomb Raider: Legend is very easy, and takes about a day to complete. And it is very cheap. It's an excellent way to pass 10 hours. Also, there are many games out there that don't really end. Animal Crossing, Minecraft, The Sims... try entertaining yourself with these fun sand-box games. They'll make the time pass almost instantly.
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    Take a nap. Similar to sleeping in, you're dead to the world when you sleep. While it's not very productive, it certainly gives you energy.
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    Talk to people, it makes the time pass by.
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    Make your gaming space comfy for when you play your new game. Find extra pillows, blankets, and food to stock your gaming cave. Decorate it with gaming merchandise, posters, and other things if they're available. This is where you're going to be parked for the next few days playing games- make it as comfy as possible!
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    When the game comes out, open your PlayStation's (or other gaming console's) disk tray. In the same room as your gaming console, keep a pair of scissors so you can cut the plastic immediately. Open all the doors which lead to the room so you can take a quick sprint. Wear flip flops so as soon as you come back with the game, you can throw them off and run to the gaming area.
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    Hang out with a friend.. When you're at your friends, you may be trying some new things and that might pass the time quicker.
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    Get a job. When you have a job to go to each weekday time cruises by due to your focus on your work at your workplace. Besides, you need the money to pay for all the great new games coming out.

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