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Four Parts:Finding quiet distractionsFinding exciting distractionsHaving fun with othersFinding other ways to pass the time

Sometimes, time seems to drag on. Perhaps it's your birthday in a week. Maybe you're expecting a visitor you haven't seen for a long time. Whatever the reason, you can't hold in your excitement. And yet, you need to find something to distract yourself with and this article has plenty of fun suggestions to help you pass the time in a focused and enjoyable way.


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    Stop thinking about the event. This may seem like a difficult task. Go to the mall or watch a movie. If you think about it, time will drag on. Don't look at a clock or a calendar. If you constantly keep checking the days that lead up to this day, you might feel like waiting forever.
    • Chances are, the more you think about what is coming up, the slower time goes by.

Part 1
Finding quiet distractions

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    Read. Maybe it's not the most interesting thing for you, but it will keep your mind off of it. You'll get lost in the book and time will tick away faster than you thought. Join a book group and make reading buddies.
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    Be creative. It's a simple thing to do. You can draw, make crafts or edit pictures. Your creativity will manage to distract you. Remember, you don't have to be good at these things. As long as you are creative and have something to work on, it's fine.
    • Draw. Doodle, sketch, watercolor, whatever you want!
    • Write a wikihow. If you write about your passion, it is the most time consuming.
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    Write stories. This is where you can do whatever you want. Make yourself a fantasy, or a realistic fiction story. Come up with a plot and characters. Or you can write poems. Whatever works for you, make sure it distracts you.
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    Start a hobby. Try knitting, playing an instrument, photography, etc.
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    Plan the next event. Plan beyond the event that is coming up, as a way of having even more things to look forward to.
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    Take a nap. This is the easiest way to pass time. Your brain will be taking a break from all your thoughts. Make sure it's a quiet place so you can doze. Noises could easily keep you awake.
    • Daydream.

Part 2
Finding exciting distractions

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    Use your electronic device. You can spend a lot time on your device.This will distract you for hours. Just don't spend too much time on your device. Text your friends, or go on the internet. Time will tick away while you do these things.
    • Use social media, game sites, chat rooms, editing sites such as this one, watch videos, do puzzles, etc.
    • Make and post a video on YouTube.
    • Listen to music.
    • Listen to the radio.
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    Watch replays of your favorite TV show or episode. Watch something like Buffy the Vampire Slayer, maybe the whole series!
    • Watch a movie. High School Musical, Titanic, etc.
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    Dance. Get up and do some dancing to your favorite music. Learn some new dance steps. Watch YouTube dance videos for fresh dancing ideas.
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    Sing. Try to mimic your favorite singer or watch YouTube singers and get tips to improve your singing.

Part 3
Having fun with others

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    Spend time with your friends. They will keep you distracted! Not only time will go faster, but you will increase the time of bonding together. Go to the park for a walk! You have a lot to talk about, especially if they're a close friend of yours.
    • Call your friends.
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    Play a board game, a video game or a card game. Try playing Family Feud. Pick a family, and answer trivia. If you win, treat yourself to some chocolate.
    • Play a game on the Wii, with your friends.

Part 4
Finding other ways to pass the time

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    Clean your room or the house. Cleaning can take up plenty of time and has wonderful results, in that you have somewhere clean to wait out the remaining time.
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    Go out and about and take photos. Upload them to a social media account or be generous and release them into the public domain for others to use and enjoy.
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    Go for long walks, cycle rides or runs. Choose beautiful places such as parks, cycle trails, the city streets
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    Learn self-defense. Visit a class and try it out to see what you like.
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    Soak up the sun. Grab a towel, shove on sunglasses, get a hat, sunscreen, and sip soda while relaxing.
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    Remodel your room. It doesn't have to be expensive.


  • Don't glance at the calendar. This will make you feel like that special day will never come.
  • Have someone keep a countdown for you. When you really want to know the days left until that special day, you'll always have an answer.

  • Make fun plans with you friends it will take your mind off it and you will notice time going faster.Try new activities this will also take your mind off how many days are left. Remember, time flies when you're having fun.

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