How to Waste Time in Class

Four Methods:Playing GamesLooking Around Your ClassroomChanging Your PerspectiveGetting to the Root of It

Sometimes you're so excited or your focus just isn't there and you need to waste time in class. There are a lot of games you can play to keep your mind occupied or you can take a look around and see what else captures your interest besides your teacher.Try to get to the root of the problem so that wasting time in class doesn’t become a habit.

Method 1
Playing Games

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    Use your phone. Some classes may prohibit you from using your mobile device but if you are able, your phone is a great way to waste time. Use apps, play games, or message people. Be careful to turn off the volume and to be discreet.
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    Play tic tac toe. You may try to find someone beside you or play with yourself but try to be discreet. You may play a series like first person to win four out of seven games wins and then you can challenge someone else.[1]
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    Count the number of bodily functions. Count the number of times people sneeze especially during flu season. You may also count the number of yawns in the classroom or the number of times someone asks a question.[2]
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    Doodle in your notebook. Draw full scenes or characters. You may also doodle on the bottom of your shoe so that your notebook stays clear and your mom or teacher doesn’t notice. You may also bring scrap paper to class to make sure you always have a place to doodle.[3]
    • Create intricate designs and patterns. Use different colour pens and pencils or punch holes in the paper and connect each hole with a line.
    • Try to create an intricate doodle without lifting your pencil from the paper. See how detailed you can make it.
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    Fold paper. Whether you try to create a paper airplane or an origami figure, learn how to fold paper. You may also just try to fold a piece of paper more than 12 times. It will be difficult passed 10.[4]
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    Write with your off hand. If you normally write with your right hand then write with your left. If you write with your left than vice versa. See how legible you can make your notes.[5]
    • You may also try writing with both hands at once and see if you can form sentences by writing from either direction simultaneously.
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    Draw three dimensional objects. See if you can draw three dimensional shapes and create patterns. You can connect a series of three dimensional cubes or see how realistic you can draw a three dimensional object like a book.[6]
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    Focus on a single sound. Whether you try to focus on the tick of the clock or your breathing, attempt to block out everything except a single sound. See if you are able to quiet your mind.[7]
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    Give yourself a temporary tattoo. Draw on your hand or your knee if it’s exposed. Challenge yourself and try to use your opposite hand to draw the exact same tattoo on the other side of your body.[8]
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    Perform body tricks. Try to touch your nose with your tongue or wrinkle your tongue. You may also try to move your eyebrows up and down. See what your body is capable of but don’t be a distraction. Be careful that no one is watching.[9]

Method 2
Looking Around Your Classroom

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    Create eye contact. It doesn’t matter who you make eye contact with but try to find a partner in crime. Once you make eye contact you may also throw in a funny face or simple smile. You may also wink at someone you like if you’re feeling frisky.[10]
    • Wasting time is always easier with someone else. It will be fun to see how long you can sustain the interaction and then talk afterwards about the funny faces that you were making.
    • Watch out that you don’t make eye contact with someone who may tell on you or find it uncomfortable or offensive.
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    Have a conversation. If you have a large class it may be easy to start a quiet conversation in the back without disturbing the rest of the class. Start your conversation when the teacher isn’t in earshot. Avoid trying to chat with people trying to listen to the teacher. It will be obvious who else wants to waste time with you because her eyes may be wandering.
    • Say something like “Is it just me or do you find this stuff boring too?”[11]
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    Examine your surroundings. Use your imagination to create a story about mundane things like the chipped paint on the wall or the cowlick on your classmate’s head. You can also see how many things start with the letter A and move up the alphabet. There is an endless amount of things that you can observe.[12]
    • Let your imagination take you to different trains of thought. Don’t limit yourself if you are begin to get bored with something.
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    Focus on patterns. You may find hidden patterns within the chipped paint on the roof, patterns outside, or find that different shapes create patterns within the carpet. You may also doodle your own patterns in your notebook.[13]
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    Imagine what your classmates use their phones for. Try to spot anyone using their phone and think about what they could be looking at. You may also try to figure out what type of phone each of your classmates may have.[14]
    • You may think about what games your classmates play on their phones and ask them later to see if you’re right. You can make a game of it and keep score whenever you get the answer right.
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    Read anything in front of you. You may read notes from another class, your textbook, a novel, or your friend’s notebook. Reading is a good way to waste time because you won’t be disruptive. Try not to snicker or laugh if you read something funny or you may give yourself away.[15]
    • Avoid reading magazines or newspapers because your teacher may be disrespected and discipline you.

Method 3
Changing Your Perspective

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    Change your mentality. Don’t think of class as boring. Waste time by telling yourself that class is fun. If you trick your brain into thinking that you’re having fun studies have shown that it will seem like time is moving faster.[16]
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    Move and switch your routine. Sit somewhere different or take notes in cursive. If you stimulate yourself in different ways studies have shown that you can trick your brain into thinking that time is moving faster than it actually is.[17]
    • Don’t change your seat if it has been assigned to you, if you have vision or hearing problems, or if you know the location is worse than the original.
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    Get a sense of accomplishment. Make a game out of class. Keep score on how many questions you ask or can answer from the teacher. You will get energized from your sense of accomplishment. You may set a larger challenge like getting the teacher to use movie analogies to help you understand the subject.[18]
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    Set your imagination free. Day dream and let your fantasy wander. Studies have shown that brief escapes into imagination may speed up how we perceive time. Create stories or think about whatever you wish.[19]

Method 4
Getting to the Root of It

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    Question your boredom. Is it your teacher? Is it the topic? Do you feel alone? Find out why you want to waste time. Class time should be valuable so try to examine why you feel the need to waste your time in class.[20]
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    Get to know your teachers. If you want to waste time in class because your teacher isn’t making a connection, talk to him after class. Let him know that you don’t feel engaged and see if you can come up with a solution together. Your teacher will appreciate that you’ve taken initiative and will focus on getting you engaged.[21]
    • If you still feel the need to waste time in class despite your teacher’s efforts, talk to your parents and vice principal. Chances are you have already been in trouble for wasting time in class. You may need to find a solution your teacher alone can’t provide.
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    Enjoy your work. Class may not be challenging so you feel the need to waste time and challenge yourself. Rather than wasting time doing something unproductive you could focus on your work and become engaged in the class. Ask questions or ask for special projects or presentations.[22]
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    Engage with your teacher and classmates. If you feel like no one’s paying attention to you it’s easy to waste time in class. Listen to your lecture and ask questions about what you are interested in. Ask questions to your classmates if you don’t understand what they are asking or if you simply want them to participate to. Get the topic going in a direction that gets everyone engaged.[23]
    • You may ask the teacher to have a debate so that your mind must work to create a valid argument.
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    Spearhead projects that involve groups. Class is more enjoyable when you work with your friends. Often classes won’t allow you to talk to your classmates but group work sets aside time for that. While you still need to get the work done, group activities gives you a chance to waste a bit of time as you talk to your classmates.[24]


  • Try to have fun. You get some cheap entertainment if you do it right.
  • Don't have the class clowns do this.
  • Pay someone to help you.


  • Don't do anything too dangerous or foolish. Serious injuries or severe punishment is not what you want.
  • Make sure the teacher isn't smart enough to figure out what you are doing.
  • If the teacher finds out, stop. You don't want to get in trouble.
  • Don't let someone innocent get punished.
  • Make sure that you don't do this all the time. It's okay to waste time every once in a while, but if you waste class time everyday throughout the whole year you could fail EOCs, midterms, and possibly even fail the class.
  • Don't snore or drool.

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