How to Wear Eye Makeup

Ever wondered how to really apply eye makeup the correct way to look naturally gorgeous? Search no further- here's how!


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    Do your face makeup first. If you use a cream blush though, some people prefer adding that as a last step.
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    This step is optional, but beneficial, prime your eyes. You can use a not-too-bright cream eyeshadow or concealer for this instead of a "real" eye primer.
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    Do your eyeshadow now. Gather 3 shades of the same color (ex. light beige, gold, dark brown).
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    Dust the lightest one onto your whole eyelid, up to your eyebrow- this brightens up your eye.
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    Next, apply the medium shade onto just your actual eyelid.
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    Now, to add depth and definition, sweep the darkest shadow into your crease (the "sinking" place just above your eyelid). Voila!
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    Make sure the eyeliner color matches your eyeshadow and your complexion. Blend the eyeliner into your upper lashline; it should be thickest right between the middle and the outer corner of your eyelid. You can also wing out your liquid liner. For eye lining on your lower lid, rub it onto your waterline. Keep it light, though.
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    Curl your eyelashes if desired.
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    Mascara! First, have the right shade. If your complexion is light, opt for a dark brown/brown-black. Otherwise, black should be fine. Set your wand at the base of your eyelashes and wiggle it all the way up. Repeat until all your lashes are coated. Dip the wand in the tube, and repeat a second, third.. time. Then, do the same to your other eye. If you want to mascara your lower lashes, wipe off the tip of the wand, then touch them lightly with the tip.
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    Separate your eyelashes with an eyelash/fine-tooth comb. Do this if the mascara clumped (optional).
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    Check everything.
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    Make sure your lip stuff isn't too strong with your made up eyes; unless your eye makeup is really natural.


  • Always apply eye makeup in this order: eyeshadow, [curl lashes], eyeliner, mascara.
  • Use a makeup remover, don't just tug out your makeup.
  • Eyeshadow is eyeshadow; the only difference between high-end and low-end might be greater pigmentation and sheen.
  • Natural makeup is in right now. Don't make it too colorful.
  • Liquid eyeliner is easiest to apply in pen form; it's like a fine felt-tip pen.
  • Practice eyelining before you shower in the evening or something. It can be quite tricky!
  • Use eye makeup to feel more confident and to enhance your eyes, not to look like a trashy wanna-be.
  • There is a huge variety of mascaras out there. Take your time picking one! If you want to make sure you invest in a really SUPER AWESOME one, read reviews on the internet!
  • Take the makeup that tends to fade with you wherever you go.
  • If your eyelashes are long, look for a volumizing mascara. If you'd like more length, go for a lengthening one. If it looks as if you don't have eyelashes at all, take a volumizing and lengthening.
  • Having real makeup brushes makes a difference, although they don't need to be expensive.
  • Invest in one good everyday eyeliner and one good everyday mascara. Save the cheapo colorful ones for parties and such.
  • There are indeed curling mascaras to help hold your curl or create a little curl.
  • Gray or dark brown eyeliner often works better than black.
  • For school, keep it light. Bronze eyeshadow, thin eyeliner, natural-looking mascara.
  • If your liquid eyeliner is thick, make sure it dries before you open your eyes (after applying)- you don't want the stuff all over your eye.


  • Makeup can be so much fun and addicting! Don't go overboard!
  • Be careful about rubbing your eyes and crying. Your makeup might smudge.
  • It's best not to share your makeup too much.
  • Don't look like you`re trying too hard. Look effortlessly gorgeous, and like you know what you're doing.
  • Watch out not to poke yourself in the eye! It hurts.

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