How to Whip (Dance)

Two Parts:Mastering the BasicsSpicing up Your Whip

The Whip is a dance that exploded to viral popularity on the heels of pop-star Silentó's uploaded track, "Watch Me (Whip/Nae Nae)."[1] It has since taken on a life of its own, spreading from its pop music roots to other prominent areas, like sporting events and TV shows.[2][3][4] It can be combined with many of your favorite moves, like the Nae Nae, the Stanky Leg, or your own freestyle moves. All you need to do is master the basics, and the Whip will become a deadly part of your dancing arsenal.

Part 1
Mastering the Basics

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    Limber up. The Whip is a dance that involves a deep stance, with your feet placed wide apart. To make sure you don't strain anything or lose your balance because your muscles are stiff, you should stretch your legs, paying special attention to your thighs and legs.[5][6]
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    Adopt a deep stance. You'll want to plant your feet on the floor so that you are well balanced and so that each food is wider than shoulder width apart. This should lower your hips, bringing you into a kind of half-squatting position. Your core should be engaged, and your back should be mostly straight with a slight lean forward.[7]
    • If you hunch your shoulders or curl your back forward too much, it can ruin the effect of the Whip. You want to convey both sensuality and attitude through this step.[8]
    • This position can work muscles in your legs that aren't frequently exercised. This means that you may notice muscle fatigue or weakness/shaking if you dance the Whip too much.
    • You don't want your legs to give out on you and end up sitting on the dance floor! If you feel shaking in your leg muscles or a strong burning sensation from fatigue, you may want to take a break.[9][10][11]
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    Raise either your left or right hand in front of you. If you are doing this dance move in a group, you'll want to coordinate which hand you raise with the others who are dancing. Raise one arm so it's fully extended and curl your fingers into a closed fist, much like you are gripping a distant steering wheel in front of you.[12][13]
    • Your hand should remain out in front of you for the entire time you are doing the Whip. Try not to let your arm dip too much; it should be roughly at chin level.
    • Your non-raised hand should be loose and rest at about hip level. You might even want to rest it on your hip, though what you do with it is up to you!
    • If you are doing the Whip by yourself, you might want to try alternating between hands, especially when linking your whip with freestyle moves. This can make your transitions seem more natural.[14]
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    Bounce your hips up and down in small motions. This should give your body a slight bobbing movement while your feet remain stationary. Your knees and thighs will bend slightly with your bob, but most of the up and down motion should be in your hips and core.[15]
    • To give your whip style more character, you may want to move your arm in front of you in time with your bobbing to the left and the right. Keep it level with your chin, and allow it to move to the left or right in time with the music.
    • Moving your arm in front of you is a sweet way of combining your whip dance with other freestyle moves. When your arm reaches the far left or right, you can add a spin move, or transition into another step.

Part 2
Spicing up Your Whip

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    Transition to the Nae Nae. When doing the Whip, you're already mostly in position to do the Nae Nae. The Nae Nae also uses a deep stance, but instead of holding one arm in front and the other at your hip, one hand is raised above your hand and the other stretches below your hip. You'll also want to...
    • Rock back and forth to the left and right. Keep your feet in place and sway your hips to the beat of the music. This back and forth motion should be easy to transition to from the up and down motion of the Whip.
    • Add a connecting move to make your transition from the Whip to the Nae Nae more natural. You might, for example, clap your hands to the beat of the music, bringing the hand at your hip to join the one in front of you. Then spread them apart into Nae Nae position.[16]
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    Alternate your Whip dancing with the Stanky leg. The Stanky Leg is easy to add to the whip. From the classic Whip pose, extend one of your feet in front of you and plant it on the dance floor. Keeping your planted foot in place, lean your entire body in the opposite direction of your stationary foot. Now move your stationary foot in small, circular motions to complete the move.[17]
    • To continue doing the Stanky Leg, you should alternate between feet, shifting the direction you are leaning back and forth. As you do so, you might want to loosen up and bob in time with the music.
    • To keep your Stanky Leg fresh, you should get your arms involved in the dance. You might want to bend your arms at the elbow, moving them to the beat and crossing them in front of you.
    • You might add the Stanky Leg to your Whip move by allowing your Whip pose to slide into the Stanky Leg. When your arm is in front of you in classic Whip position, allow it to move to the left or right. Lean slightly as you do so, and once you've gone far enough, you should be roughly in position to do the Stanky Leg.
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    Incorporate freestyle moves. Freestyle is a matter of preference, and you should do what feels right. However, you might want to break up your Whip by taking a few small steps to the beat of the music to reposition yourself on the dance floor, raising your hands in time with the music as you do so.
    • Another move you might add into your Whip style that is a hand twirl. You can easily raise the hand at your hip while Whipping to join the one on front of you and twirl the two around each other to give your Whip some flavor.[18]
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    Enjoy yourself. Dancing is about expression and enjoying yourself. Experiment with what feels natural and comfortable for your body, but don't let embarrassment or self-consciousness get in the way of you enjoying yourself.
    • Keep an eye on others who do the Whip to learn new moves. They will likely be flattered you're trying to imitate them and they may give you some pointers![19]


  • It can be difficult getting into the groove if you feel self-conscious. You may want to wait for a song you especially love, lose yourself to the music, and try your hand at these steps.

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