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From the "guidelines of the wikiHow community":

wikiHow exists to help people, not to promote products. While we encourage useful articles about how to shop and buy things, writers need to refrain from creating articles that promote one specific business without providing useful insights to our readers.

When deciding to include or remove brand names in wikiHow articles, editors must strike a balance between fighting spammy product promotion and retaining information helpful to readers. The choice is not so obvious. Use this page as a guideline to help you and editors think about this balance.

Times when brand names should be removed

Remove brand names if you can replace it with no loss of meaning or helpfulness to the readers. For example, in an article about "How to Appreciate Shakespeare's Macbeth," change the reference "Buy Macbeth at" to Get a copy of Macbeth.

Acceptable uses of brand names

  • Any use of the brand name where most editors believe its inclusion clearly benefits our readers is considered acceptable.
  • Brand names used in article titles are generally acceptable and are generally encouraged for pages talking about specific brands. For example, an article titled "How to Buy Books" would be unacceptable if it only had directions for buying books on However, by changing the title to "How to Buy Books on" the page now becomes acceptable because it is clear to readers that it is about a specific brand. Examples of helpful articles that are specifically about a single brand include:
    • How to Switch from Yahoo Mail to Gmail
    • How to Install a Thule 450 Roof Rack
    • How to Listen to an iPod
  • In cases where a certain unique brand is widely believed to be the only or best solution to the problem, may also be an acceptable use of a brand name. One example of this is in How to Make a New York Egg Cream where several editors believed that Fox's U-bet chocolate syrup could not effectively be generalized to just "chocolate syrup" or "Hershey's Chocolate Syrup" or any other brand.

Adding brand names to titles

  • Adding the brand name to the title of an advertisement article is not sufficient to transform spam into helpful information. If the article maintains the look, feel and function of an advertisement, it should be deleted, regardless of the title.
This is an Official Policy that has been approved by the wikiHow community.
All contributors and administrators are expected to adhere to it.

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