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wikiHow Plus is a Firefox extension created by Illyism that gives power editors a few extra tools to track and improve wikiHow. Along with an enhanced toolbar it provides scripts to improve your experience on wikiHow. This is an unofficial toolbar, meaning that it was not created by a paid wikiHow staff member. Accordingly, the toolbar isn't supported by wikiHow staff. Bug reports associated with the toolbar, which aren't valid for users without the toolbar, should be sent to Illyism instead of using normal wikiHow bug report channels.

EditNew Features for the toolbar

  • Toolbar customization: With this new version, you can now customize the toolbar like you want to. Delete a few buttons, add some and rearrange them.
  • Changes to icons: Some icons now have opacity instead of a white background to support other firefox skins. Some icons are completely replaced by newer versions.The Unpatrolled Edits-icons are changed, as are the search icons.
  • Advanced search:You can now choose precisely what you want to search for with advanced search. You can look for templates, images, videos, users and more.
  • Support for languages:There is now support for languages, allowing for more languages than English.
  • RSS feed bar:You can now quickly see and navigate to featured articles.
  • Quick Links:This new button allows you to quickly check on wikiHow Policies, and it also displays links to the ANB, IRC and the forums.
  • Custom Sound: This allows you to change the sound for the featured article patrol warning. Only WAV files are currently supported.
  • Online indicator: This new button allows you to see your total amount of edits, and it also checks if you're logged in. It even gives you several links.
  • NAB Count: Two buttons that allow you to see the total count of New Articles that are awaiting to be boosted and the total articles you boosted in a specific time.
  • News: A button that replaces the wikiHow logo. Which can be changed for events and news. The icon and link (if you click the button) can be changed whenever there is news. It looks at an XML-file on a server once and if it differs, it displays a different icon and changes the link.

EditwikiHow Plus Improvements

  • Scripted site improvements: You will see some changes to NAB. It now shows when the article is written, and the amount of revisions. Buttons to quickly deal with copyright violations and quick-post templates. It also adds some minor improvements scattered around the site.

EditKnown Problems

  • Total Number of New Articles: This will show a high number. Try getting the info from the RCBuddy. Other methods might lag too much.


  • How do you customize the toolbar?
    • Enable the 'Check to enable customization' in the preferences. Then right-click on the toolbar and pick 'Customize...'
  • Where do I find the source code?
    • Open wikihow.xpi with WinRar, or any zip decompressor. Or you could go to your firefox app directory, and look for the extracted extension.
  • The search function doesn't work, what's wrong?
    • You are using an older version of Firefox. Update it by going to Help -> Check For Updates.

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