How to Write a Spanish Letter

Do you ever want to show off your Spanish speaking skills to a native speaker, but didn't know how. Then learn! This article will help you learn how to start and end a letter in Spanish.


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    The Spanish equivalent to "Dear" is "Querido" for boys and "Querida" for girls. Only use these two greetings when you are talking to relatives, friends, or other close people.
    • When writing to Roberto, use "Querido Roberto".
    • When writing to Benita, use "Querida Benita".
    • When writing to John and Lisa, the masculine must be used. You'd write "Queridos John y Lisa".
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    When writing something like a business letter or other important letter, use "Estimado" or "Estimada" for boys and girls.
    • When writing to Señor Rodríguez, use "Estimado Sr. Rodriguez".
    • When writing to Señorita Cruz, use "Estimada Srta. Cruz".
    • When writing to Señora López, use "Estimada Sra. Lopez".
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    When writing Spanish letters, always use a colon after the greeting instead of a comma, like in American English. It is considered much more polite.
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    The following salutations may sound overly affectionate but they are commonly used in the Spanish-language.
    • Un abrazo -- A hug.
    • Un fuerte abrazo -- Strong hugs.
    • Cariñosos saludos -- Kind regards.
    • Afectuosamente -- Affectionately.
    • Besos y abrazos -- Kisses and hugs.
    • Besos -- Kisses.
    • Con todo mi cariño -- With all my caring.
    • Con todo mi afecto -- With all my affection.
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    In a professional business letter, you may want to use less passionate salutation, such as:
    • Atentamente -- Sincerely.
    • Le saluda atentamente -- Sincerely.
    • Cordialmente -- Sincerely.
    • Saludos -- Regards.

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