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File:Raymond Duchamp Villon, La Maison Cubiste, Projet d'Hotel (Cubist House), in Les Peintres Cubistes, Guillaume Apollinaire, 17 March 1913, Maison Figuiers et Cie.jpg

The image, a photograph of a study for Raymond Duchamp-Villon's La Maison Cubiste (Cubist House), published in "Les Peintres Cubistes" 1913 by Guillaume Apollinaire, can be found directly in the 1913 publication, or here: The cubist painters By Guillaume Apollinaire, translated and analyzed by Peter F. Read, University of California Press, 2004. The Author of the original book (where this image was reproduced) Guillaume Apollinaire died in 1918.

This low resolution image of La Maison Cubiste (Projet d'Hotel) is being used to illustrate the topic of the article: Cubism, section Architecture, La Maison Cubiste.

This photograph can have no independent copyright as it is simply a faithful reproduction of an old, public domain, two-dimensional photograph, first published outside of the U.S. before 1923.

Under the guidelines indicated, this image qualifies for fair use in the U.S.

— for images first published outside of the U.S. before 1923.

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