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English: White Army propaganda poster from the Russian Civil War era (1919), depicting a caricature Leon Trotsky (as a large demon like figure with bright red skin.) and Chinese soldiers (below, wearing braids and blue and gold uniforms).

There was a notable number of them in the Red Army. They are depicted executing a prisoner and shoveling bones.

Texts are in pre-reform Russian orthography.

Top: Миръ и свобода въ Совдепiи / "Peace and Freedom in Sovdepiya"
Left flag: Р.С.Ф.С.Р / R.S.F.S.R.
Right flag: Рабоч. крест. правит. / "Workers' and Peasants' Government" (abbreviated)
On the wall: ПРИКАЗ ... Главковерх Лев Троцкий / "Decree ...(illegible)... Signed: Supreme military commander Lev Trotsky"

The wall is supposed to be the Kremlin wall ( Kutafya Tower, to be precise).

Notice also the Red Star (drawn as a pentagram) on Trotsky's neck.
Français : Affiche de propagande antibolchevique des armées blanches diabolisant Léon Trotski en diable rouge. La légende indique : « Paix et Liberté en Sovdepie » (Russie soviétique).
日本語: 白軍によるプロパガンダポスター トロツキーを"悪魔"として描いている.
Italiano: Poster propagandistico antibolscevico dell'Armata Bianca che paragona Trockij ad un demonio. Il titolo significa: «Pace e libertà in Sovdepia». "Sovdepia" era il nome dato dai contro-rivoluzionari alla Russia sovietica.
Español: Sátira referida a Trotsky. 1919 Poster de progapanda del Ejército Blanco. Soldados chinos llevando tranzas con uniformes azules y dorados, ejecutando prisioneros y apilando huesos.
中文: 托洛斯基在白军的宣传画上成了魔鬼,依靠水兵和中国人杀害俄国人.
Norsk bokmål: Den russiske hvite armés framstilling av kommunisten Leo Trotskij som blodrødt monster med bolshevik stjerne-liknende symbol.
Slovenčina: Trockij na protiboľševickej karikatúre Bielej armády.
Česky: Bělogvardějský propagandistický plakát s Trockým, naznačující bolševism.
Română: Afiş de propagandă al Armatei Albe înfăţişându-l pe Troţki drept "Diavol". Textul scris deasupra spune: "Pace şi libertate în Sovdepia ".
Dansk: En propagandaplakat fra den Hvide Hær, der afbilleder Trotskij som en djævel. Over billede står den ironiske tekst: “Fred og frihed I Sovdepiya" (Sovdepiya var et nedsættende ord for sovjet-rusland).
עברית: פוסטר שהפיץ הצבא הלבן שמציג את ליאון טרוצקי כ"שד יהודי".
Српски / srpski: Пропагандни постер Белих који приказује Троцког као "црвеног ђавола", Горњи текст значи "Слобода и мир у Совдепији".
Galego: Cartaz do Exército Branco presentando a Trotski coma o diaño.
Sicilianu: Prupaganna antisimita (?) di l'Armata Janca ca fa vìdiri Trotskij comu lu dimoniu.
Gaeilge: Póstaer/bolscaireacht ón Airm Bán (in aghaidh Trotsky).
Date 1919
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  • Full Text of Law No. 231-FZ (in Russian)
  • Full Text of Fourth Part of Civil Code (in Russian)

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