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File:280 Ma plate tectonic reconstruction.png

Description Plate tectonics 280 ma ( Permian, Early Sakmarian stage)
Date 1 February 2008
Source This image comes from the Tethyan Plate Tectonic working group of the Institut de Mineralogie et Petrographie, Université de Lausanne. They give permission for "Documents on this site can be used inasmuch as reference is clearly made to the above-mentioned publication and/or this website". Original picture
Author Stampfli & Borel 2000
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Abbreviations of terrane names
Aa Austroalpine east Af Afyon Am Armorica
Al Alborz Ap S-Apuseni (arc, back-arc) Ar Argolis ophiolites
Ba Balkhanides BD Beydaghlari Be Betic
Br Briançonnais Bt Bator (back-arc) Bu Bucovinian
Bükk Fa Fatric Bv Budva
By Beyshehir cA central Afganistan cB central Bosnia
Cn Carnic CP Calabria = Peloritani Cv Canavese
Da Dacides Do Dobrogea Dr Drina-Ivanjica
Du Durmitor eP east Pontides Fa Fatric
Ge Gemeric GT Gavrovo-Tripolitza Gt Getic
Ha Hadim He Helvetic rim basin Hk high karst
IA-1 Istanbul-Ankara Io Ionian iP intra-Pontides suture
Is Istanbul Ja Jadar Ju Julian Alps
Ka Kalnic Kb Kabylies Kf Kotel flysch
Ko Korab La Lagonegro Li Ligurian
lJ lower Juvavic Lo Lombardian rim basin LT Lut-Tabad
Ly Lycian Ma Mani Me Mesek = west Tizia
Mg Magura margin Mi Mirdita Ml Maliak
Mm Mamonia Mn Menderes Mo Mirdita ophiolites
nA north Apenninic NCA North Calcareous Alps Ot Othrys-Evvia ophiolites
Pa Panormides Pe Penninic Pi Piemontese
Pk Paikon (intra oceanic arc) Rh Proto Rhodope (prism) Ri Rif
sA south Apenninic Sb sub-Betic rim basin Se Sesia = Austroalpine west
Si Sicanian sK S-Karawanken Sl Slavonia
SS Sanandaj-Sirjan St Strandja Sz Szarvasko (arc = back-arc)
Ta Taurus parautochton TDR Trans-Danubian range Ti Tirolic = Bavaric
Tt Tatric Tu Tuscan nappes Tz Apuseni = east Tizia
uJ upper Juvavic Ve Veporic Vo Vourinos = Pindos ophiolites
WCA Western Carpathian


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