Sponsor a child in Algeria

sponsor a child in AlgeriaOver half a million children in Algeria live without one or both parents. These orphans are particularly vulnerable to exploitation and many live on the street. Growing up in destitution, these children have no access to education and often end up as victims of drug abuse and starvation. SOS Children has helped since 1981.

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Sponsor a child in Algeria

Widespread poverty and political instability

As in many developing countries, rural poverty is a particular issue in Algeria. Poverty translates into a lack of access to decent housing and sanitation, and prevents children from receiving a decent education and accessing adequate healthcare. Trafficking and a notorious “Family Code” which constrains women's rights seriously disadvantages the vulnerable in Algerian society.

Children face trafficking, abuse and a poor education

Social exclusion, poverty and a lack of family support leaves many children open to exploitation and abuse. Though education is generally free up to the age of 16, school drop-out rates are high, and many children go without a basic education. Of the country's half a million orphaned children, a large proportion end up living on the street, facing violence and starvation, drug abuse and often death.

Algeria mapOur work in Algeria

SOS Children has worked in Algeria since 1981. Our Children's Village in the capital Algiers provides a home for some of the city's many orphaned children, as well as vital support to numerous families in the local area.


Children in the Algiers suburb of Draria live a world away from the extreme wealth that some inhabitants of the capital enjoy. Here, where housing is substandard and overcrowded and basic infrastructure well short of need, violence is frequent and clashes between residents and the police commonplace.

Our family support work reaches many local families. Our social centres extend well beyond the Village, reaching the suburbs of Corso, Naciria, Tipaza and Tizi Ouzou. Here, we ensure young people receive adequate healthcare during the most vulnerable period of a child's life, from preventative treatment such as vaccinations, to medicine for conditions.

We also help families with income generation and parenting skills, helping to ensure that children get the most secure and stable start in life. An SOS nursery allows children from the Village to begin their education with infants from the local community, while later on, young adults can begin their careers thanks to the support, guidance and training we offer them.

Khalida is an SOS mother from the children's village in Draria, this is what she says about her children:

"The children support each other, like siblings. The older ones help the small ones with their homework. I say 'if there is only one cake, we have to share it'. When I do not get a slice, another family member gives me a piece of his/her slice. Sharing is one of the values we have to teach the children."

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sponsor a child in Algeria

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