Child Sponsorship background from Curicó, Chile

Children from Curico, ChileSOS Children's Village Curicó

The twelfth SOS Children's Village in Chile was opened in 1996 in Curicó, a town of about 105,000 people, that is situated in central Chile, about 200 kilometres south of Santiago. It was founded about 400 years ago and is thus one of the oldest towns in Chile. SOS Children's Village Curicó is located on the outskirts of Curicó in a mainly middle-class residential area. The surrounding area consists of farmland, orchards and vineyards. Some of Chile's most famous export wines are produced in this region. Many farm workers have poor living conditions in and around Curicó. Alcoholism is widespread and frequently leads to children being neglected and abused.

The SOS Children's Village consists of ten family houses, which are built to be functional and are colourfully painted, that offer up to 90 children a new, loving home. It also has a village director's house and a community centre with an administrative unit and function rooms for special events. The children attend local state schools and nurseries.

Background to Curicó

Curicó, originally meaning "Land of Black Water", is the name of the capital of Curicó Province, part of the Maule Region in Chile's central valley.