Child Sponsorship background from Dong Hoi, Vietnam

Children from Dong Hoi, VietnamSOS Children's Village Dong Hoi

The central province of Quang Binh is a hilly region, especially the part close to the Laotian border. Its population lives mainly on agriculture. Tropical storms and flooding during the monsoon season often destroy crops and cause great damage. The province is one of the poorest regions of the country. Average per capita income is only 50% of that of the whole country. According to official statistics, more than one thousand orphans under 14 live in the province. However, the actual number is probably much higher. Due to a lack of funds, there is no government aid programme for these children. Therefore the local authorities turned to SOS Children's Villages and provided a piece of land for a new SOS Children's Village in the province capital of Dong Hoi.

SOS Children's Village Dong Hoi consists of twelve family homes, the village director's house, staff accommodation and the necessary administration and service area.

Other SOS Projects in Dong Hoi

There is an SOS Nursery where up to 180 children can be taught in six group rooms. The nursery can be attended by children from both the SOS Children's Village and the local community.