Child Sponsorship background from Lefkosa, Cyprus

Children from Lefkosa, CyprusSOS Children's Village Lefkosa

The SOS Children's Village Lefkosa lies on the outskirts of Lefkosa, capital of the country, close to the main road between Famagusta and Güzelyurt. The multipurpose hall, erected in the style of an amphitheatre, represents the centre of the SOS Children's Village and the colourful painted outer walls of the SOS Nursery form a nice contrast to the brick buildings of the family houses.

SOS Children's Village Lefkosa consists of eleven family houses, houses for the SOS aunts (who support the SOS mothers and take care of the children when the mothers are on leave) and the village director, and an administration area. Additionally, a playground has been laid out. Seventy-seven children, who have lost their parents or can not live with them for different reasons, can be accommodated at the SOS Children's Village.

On site, fruit trees were planted and these are supplied with water from an irrigation plant. Shops and different social facilities are located nearby and are easily accessible.

Other SOS Projects in Lefkosa

The SOS Nursery, including a daycare centre, comprises four group rooms and two rooms for day care. The SOS Youth Home in Girne provides vocational training and  further education to young people approaching independent life.

The Family Strengthening Programme offers essential services for children’s development (e.g. educational, nutritional and health support, social skills) and enables families to protect and care for their children. The programme also aims at linking families with income generating activities and offers help to improve parents’ parenting skills.

Background to Lefkosa

Nicosia, known locally as Lefkosa, is the capital and largest city of both Cyprus and the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus. Located on the River Pedieos and situated almost in the centre of the island, it is the seat of government as well as the main business centre. 

It is the largest divided capital in the world.