Child Sponsorship background from Nongkhai, Thailand

Child sponsorship NongkhaiSOS Children's Village Nongkhai

The third SOS Children's Village of Thailand was erected near the border with Laos, in the city of Nongkhai, which is situated on the river Mekong. SOS Children's Village Nongkhai was opened in 1994. The northern province of Thailand is mainly an agricultural region, but there is also a very old tradition of handicrafts. The people of Nongkhai live mainly on trade with Laos, the capital of which, Vientiane, is situated just across the river.

SOS Children's Village Nongkhai was built near the modern government district of this provincial capital and consists of eleven family houses, staff accommodation, a workshop and a community building. There is a sick-bay where basic medical treatment is administered. The houses were built in the traditional local style.

Other SOS Projects in Nongkhai

The SOS Nursery is also open to children from the neighbourhood. Up to 70 children can be taught in three group rooms. Hospitals, schools and markets are close by the village. There is an SOS Youth Home for girls within the SOS Children's Village.

An SOS Youth Home for boys has been established in the city of Nongkhai. Youngsters usually move into a youth facility when they start a vocational training course or go on to higher education. With the support of qualified youth workers, the young people develop realistic perspectives for their future, learn to shoulder responsibility and increasingly make their own decisions. They are encouraged to develop team spirit and build up contacts with relatives and friends, as well as with the relevant authorities and potential employers.