Child sponsorship background in Thai Binh

SOS School in Viet Tri, VietnamOur most recent Village in Vietnam is situated in Thai Binh, a short drive from the major city of Hanoi. The Thai Binh area is in need of major development and in spite of recent changes, children still need our help.

Improvement misses many

Despite recent improvements, housing is substandard and basic amenities such as clean drinking water unavailable to many children. Education too is compromised by a shortage of schools and teachers, and with around one in ten living in poor households, many children are forced to work to sustain their families and miss out on school.

How we are helping

SOS Children stepped in to care for the many children in need of our help in Thai Binh. We find a home for children who have lost their parents, where they are nurtured by their SOS mother as they grow up with their brothers and sisters.

We also carry out important supporting fragile families in the community. By offering nursery care to children during the day, we enable mothers the freedom to work and earn the means to support their families. Most of the families we support in Thai Binh work as day labourers, employment is casual and often they are paid by the day. Because of their precarious financial situation, they need our support to ensure the best for the children.

Children are highly vulnerable in the neglected region of Thai Binh, and it is crucial they receive the support they need early on to avoid a future of poverty. Our work here is helping sustain families who would otherwise have nothing.