Street childrenSOS Children run programmes in the community that help families stay together and reduce the chances of children becoming street children. In each location, we start by understanding what is causing children to end up on the streets and specifically target the causes. These programmes, known as Family Strengthening Programmes, provide a wide range of support to families and their children, often in regions that experience extreme poverty. A regular donation with SOS Children can give families the help to stay together, keeping children off the streets and all the dangers that entails.

Children are at risk of becoming street children in many countries around the world.

Street children live in the kind of conditions that wouldn't bear thinking about for an adult, let alone a child. Disease, drugs, violence and victimisation are commonplace. Many street children get no chance of an education or healthcare, leaving future life chances bleak. Mental health and physical health suffer as children live in fear from one day to the next.

How you can help

If you can, please consider giving monthly to SOS Children. By giving monthly, you can help to reduce the risk of children being abandoned or left alone by their families. Monthly donations give us flexibility to target resources towards greatest need at each moment and adapt to changing circumstances (and exchange rates). Help children stay with a family.

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