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English monarchs family tree

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This is the English monarchs' family tree, including kings of England from William the Conqueror to Elizabeth I.

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The Normans and The Plantagenets

Edward III of England Edward II of England Edward I of England Henry III of England Richard I of England Henry II of England Henry I of England Stephen of England William II of England William I of England Richard Duke of Bernay (died young) Agatha (died young) Adeliza Cecilia Constance Matilda of Boulogne Rainald, Earl of Cornwall Robert, Earl of Gloucester Maud, Countess of Perches William Aetheling Matilda Richard Euphania Henry John of England Frederick II, Holy Roman Emperor Richard John John (died young) William (died young) Katherine (died young) died a baby Eleanor (died young) Blanche of Artois Alice (died young) Isabella (died a baby) Katherine (died young) Berengaria (died young) Henry (died quite young) Blanche (died a baby) Beatrice (died a baby) Mary a nun John (died young) Joan (died a baby) Background England-NormandsPlantagenets-1.png
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Plantagenets (continued), Houses of Lancaster and York


House of Tudor


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