Family Strengthening Standards

SOS Children Family Strengthening Standards summary 

  1. Mother and Child from the FSP EsteliChildren most at risk of losing the care of their family are our target group
  2. Our programmes are targeted at those children who are most at risk of losing the care of their biological family.  This means identifying a clear target group and then focussing on those children who are living in the most vulnerable circumstances. Children have access to essential services for their healthy development
  3. We assist families, communities and governments to assume their responsibilities, in ensuring that children have access to the services required to fulfil their survival, development, protection and participation rights. Essential services may be provided, by the programme itself or through links with other service-providers, while the families are empowered to build their long-term self-reliance in providing care for their children. Families are empowered to build their capacity to protect & care for their children
  4. Each family is supported to become self-reliant in the care of their children, using a structured family development planning process. Various areas of family life are addressed and the development of the required knowledge, skills, confidence and other resources is supported through a package of services, tailored to the situation of each individual family. Communities are empowered to respond effectively to the situation of vulnerable children & their families
  5. We support the community to organise themselves, to address the situation of vulnerable children now and in the future.  Development of sustainable community-based child care and support organisations and networks is actively supported.  We work towards the clear goal of communities becoming self-reliant in the support of children who are at risk of losing the care of their families. Partnerships are built to achieve common goals
  6. We work together with individuals, groups, organisations and institutions, wherever this contributes to the achievement of our programme objectives.  Through our cooperation with government authorities, the community and other duty bearers we encourage and support them to meet their obligations towards children and their families. Ongoing planning, monitoring and evaluation makes programmes relevant & effective
  7. Our programmes are designed according to the needs and priorities of children at risk of losing the care of their family. This involves in-depth assessment of the situation of our target group within the community.  Based on this, clear action plans are drawn-up, and tools for ongoing monitoring and evaluation are put in place.