Help Zimbabwe's Children

Sponsor an SOS Village in Zimbabwe

You may have seen the documentary 'Zimbabwe's Forgotten Children', screened on BBC 2 in 2010, and been affected by the plight of the children featured in the film. 

The film, which told the story of young sisters Esther and Tino and their struggle to survive, won the 2011 BAFTA for best Current Affairs documentary.

The children, Esther and Tino, were taken in by the SOS Children's Village in Bindura and the time they spend settling in at the SOS Children's Village was documented in the follow up screened on BBC2 on 17th March 2011.

SOS Children is working across Zimbabwe to give children like Esther and Tino a chance to live a happy life. If you could contribute to our work in Zimbabwe, please consider our two ways to help below, which will help to change children's lives:

How can you help more children like Esther and Tino?

One way to help children in Zimbabwe is to start a Village sponsorship.  By donating £20 a month, you will be directly supporting an SOS Children's Village in Zimbabwe, and helping us to take on additional children like Esther and Tino. All donations received in sponsorship for our villages are 100% sent to the Villages without any UK deductions whatsoever. We have three SOS Children's Villages in Zimbabwe: Bindura, Harare (Waterfalls) and Bulawayo. Each Village consists of a group of family homes, each with between 5 and 10 children living in them, cared for by a dedicated SOS mother living 24 hours a day as a real mother to the children living there. 

Your money will go towards the day-to-day running costs of the Village, helping SOS mothers go about their work. In return you will receive bi-annual updates on the Tino - Zimbabweevents going on at the SOS Children's Village. A village sponsorship can be a stable, long term commitment, and it helps us plan for the future- giving us the foundation to reach out to more children like Esther and Tino.  Together, we will be able to give hope to children who are currently living in desperate situations.

If you would like to make a lasting change but a village sponsorship is not for you, you can make a regular, monthly contribution to our work in Zimbabwe.  You can choose the value of your monthly donation.  All of your monthly donation goes straight to our projects in Zimbabwe. It will help to provide healthcare, education and support for many children and their families in the areas where your contribution is needed most.

Make a regular donation to Zimbabwe