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Man, Ivory Coast

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La Dent de Man.

Man is a town in Man Department in the west of central Côte d'Ivoire. It is part of Dix-Huit Montagnes Region and is an important market town lying between mountains including Mount Toura and Mount Tonkoui, the two highest in the nation, and La Dent de Man, popular with hikers. The city lies near an airport and is also known for a nearby waterfall. Population: 150,000.

As of November 2003, it was one of the two main towns (the other was Bouaké) held by the former rebel group Mouvement patriotique de Côte d'Ivoire (MPCI).

Man is an agricultural region. There are many cocoa, rice, coffee, cassava, banana ( plantain), and soybean plantations. The region of Man is the largest producer of coffee in the Ivory Coast. Man also is the home of a UNICAFÉ (The National Coffee Manufacturer of Côte d'Ivoire) factory.

The main attractions around Man are la Cascade, the tooth of Man, and the monkey forest. The waterfall la Cascade, is situated at the west side of the town. It is about two miles from Le Lycee Professionel de Man (an engineering school). La Cascade is surrounded by a bamboo forest, which is the habitat of many colorful dragonflies and a wide variety of butterflies. The tooth of Man is a large rocky outcropping overlooking the town. The monkey forest is a wooded area in which monkeys live; for a small fee tourists can persuade local residents to call the monkeys out of their forest habitat.

The central market of Man buys and a sells large variety of fabrics (Yacouba traditional clothes, so-called Boubou Yacouba), and an endless collection of Dan (Yacouba) masks.

The most known hotels are the "Hotel les Casacades", "Tanhotel", and "Hotel Beau Sejour". Those hotels are well-equipped with satellite TV, swimming pools, phone lines, and good service is provided.

The neighbourhood Doyagouinē is located just at the entry of town. This area of Man is well-known for its night-life, where one has the opportunity to taste African cuisine specific to the area.

The city is the home of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Man, with its cathedral at the Cathédrale Saint-Michel.

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