SOS Children has projects and staff in 125 countries —  so we can help you access a wealth of stories from around the world.

Our strength is that, unlike many other international charities, we're already there when a story comes up. We're in-situ, permanently. We predominantly employ local people and those colleagues provide us with a steady feed of latest news and images. We have considerable video footage and photographic material from around the world.

We can also set up interviews with people working on the ground, help source material for in-depth features, and provide relevant background footage, as well as statements on a wide range of current issues.

If you are interested in visiting our projects around the world then contact . If you would like more information about SOS Children start at our charity facts section.

With proven structures and existing contacts, SOS Children is well equipped to provide detail when human crisis situations suddenly strike, such as in earthquakes, floods, famines and conflict. Moreover, we work with the authority of governments: our Children’s Villages are approved by local governments and frequently when a crisis occurs we are given immediate authority for the care of unaccompanied children. Our well-established outreach work in the community also ensures we have access to local networks and knowledge.

About SOS Children

Since 1949, SOS Children has been providing a family for life for children who have lost parental care through conflict, disease, poverty and natural disaster. Almost 62,000 orphaned or abandoned children are cared for by SOS mothers in clusters of family homes in 545 Children's Villages, in 125 countries worldwide. A further million benefit from SOS Children's outreach support which includes education, vocational training, medical care and community development programmes.

To find out more

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