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Despite some improvements, the people of Somaliland often go without basic necessities. Poverty and unemployment are a daily reality for many. SOS Children has provided vital support for people in Somaliland since the 1990s, and our successes include one of the Hargeisa region's finest schools.

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Sponsor a child in Somaliland

A struggling economy and frequent natural disasters

Somaliland declares itself independent from Somalia and has managed to make important improvements in health, education and infrastructure. However, Somaliland's economy is far from developed, and unemployment and poverty affect many families. Somaliland also faces frequent natural disasters such as flooding and drought. Due to its lack of recognition as an independent region, it struggles to gain access to foreign aid.

Orphaned children have nowhere to go 

Tens of thousands of children in Somaliland have lost their parents, and many of them have no choice but to beg on the streets. More and more, children face child trafficking for commercial gain. Almost all girls undergo female genital mutilation, which not only causes psychological harm, but leads to severe birth complications later in life.

Somaliland mapOur work in Somaliland

SOS Children has been supporting people in Somaliland since the late 1990s, helping to create strong families and giving children a promising future. Working from Hargeisa, we are able to provide the best education in the region to local children at our SOS school.


Although Somaliland has been peaceful since its independence in 1994, Hargeisa  still suffers from destruction caused during the civil war. Social and medical infrastructure are still to be rebuilt and many victims live in huts made of plastic bags and cardboard. Most people in Hargeisa live on less than $1 a day. The city lacks education and technological knowledge, making development slow and difficult.

Poor living conditions in Hargeisa cause disease and family instability. SOS Children began work here 2009 to provide essential services, and to help the city develop. We offer care and support to families, as well as training and loans. Families are now able to begin new businesses, receive comprehensive health care and provide a safe and hopeful upbringing for children.

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