SOS Children in South Sudan

Boys and girls from Malakal, South Sudan

Our charity works in Malakal, a town in the north-east of South Sudan. South Sudan is the newest country in the world. Many thousands live in extreme poverty and the country faces huge challenges. We are working hard to give the best available care to the poorest children in South Sudan.

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Access to clean water a luxury in rural South Sudan

South Sudan is one of Africa's poorest countries. Only 55% of the population have access to clean drinking water and the literacy rate is less than 20%. The majority of the population, roughly 80%, live in rural areas and depend on agriculture as their main source of income. Starvation is a real threat as climate variation and natural disasters can affect livelihoods.  In rural areas, many thousands live in poorly constructed shacks. Many live without access to medical care, good sanitation facilities and education. The HIV prevalence rate is high at 3.1%.

Children in South Sudan

  • Education is missed by over a million children, due partly to the fact that around two thirds of Sudanese children are not officially registered. Many children are involved in labour, mostly in agriculture.
  • Whilst accurate figures for the numbers of orphans do not yet exist for South Sudan, estimates put the figure around two million.
  • Out of 1,000 children born in South Sudan, 102 die during birth or soon after. About one in nine children die before their fifth birthday.

South Sudan mapOur charity work in South Sudan


SOS Children's Village Malakal, formerly a part of Sudan, opened in 2002. The 10 family houses are home to 100 children. A 'Wak', a traditional community centre, provides space for the families to socialise together. The children here all attend local schools. 

There is an SOS Youth Home for children who have grown up. Here young people get the chance to grow into independent adults, whilst still keeping close ties with village life.

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